christening celebration party
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How to Plan a Christening Celebration Party

christening celebration party

Easy steps to planning a christening celebration party


How to Plan a Christening Celebration Party

A Christening or baptism is a special day for a loved one and those attending the event.  The party following the ceremony is a wonderful chance for family and friends to gather in celebration.  While planning the accompanying Christening reception party, keep in mind the reverence and sacredness of the day while also allowing for opportunities for friends and family to visit and socialize.  To help make the day go more smoothly, Jennifer Carver of Spaceships and Laser Beams has put together a simple checklist to follow for planning a baptism celebration.


Step 1:  Create a guest list which includes the important people you hope will attend.  This may include immediate and extended family, close friends, members from your church congregation and church leaders you may wish to invite to participate in both the ceremony and after party.


Step 2:  Select and send out a specially purchased or prepared invitation about a month to two months before the baptism (even earlier if guests will be traveling far).  You may want to include a photograph of the guest of honor and any special details about the day.


Step 3:  Choose the location for your Christening celebration.  You may opt to host the party at your own home, the home of a close friend or family member, the church where the ceremony is performed or another site (such as a restaurant) that is large enough to accommodate your group.  Consider proximity to the ceremony site, time for set-up and take down, and any restrictions on decorations or food brought in to the establishment.


Step 4:  Decide on a menu.  A party isn’t a party without refreshments!  Choose the type of fare served based on the time of day you will be celebrating.  A morning celebration lends itself to a breakfast or brunch style menu.  Muffins, fruit, juice, hot beverages, bagels, quiche, donuts and other pastries make for delicious morning eats.  An afternoon or evening celebration calls for a more filling selection such as soups, salads, sandwiches, casseroles and various breads and sides.  Your group size may help you in determining if you will make all of the dishes yourself or whether you should hire a catering service.  Top off either menu with a sweet treat, boxed to go, or a few simple desserts to eat during the party.  Cake and cupcakes are always crowd pleasers, but mini desserts like butter tarts, brownie bites and cookies are well-loved too!


Step 5:  To keep the focus on the religious significance of the day, it is perfectly acceptable to keep decorations simple.  White paired with a pastel color is always a nice choice.  White linens accented with simple arrangements of fresh flowers are classic and easy to accomplish.  Display pictures of the guest of honor for a fitting tribute.  A printable baptism banner and balloons in chosen understated colors can add a touch of festivity without too much effort.


With this simple checklist in mind, you can effectively and efficiently plan a baptism celebration befitting such a lovely and significant occasion.

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