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The Gift of Family Entertainment – Road to Avonlea Boxed Set #TMMGG2015


When this Road to Avonlea boxed gift set arrived well let’s just say it hit a vein that’s rich with nostalgia. As a kid I was really enamoured with the entire Anne of Green Gables series of books. I consumed each one happily and couldn’t wait for the next to arrive. Back then we bought our books at Coles Books. Chapters/ Indigo wasn’t even a hint in someone’s eye yet. Anne of Green Gables was actually one of the first books I bought my daughter as an infant, not long after we adopted her, and I set it aside as a keepsake for when she was old enough to read. It is an iconic Canadian book that gave way to a very successful TV series. It also has a great little adoption theme.

When Road to Avonlea arrived on television, it was a charming sweet family favourite for seven seasons. Hours of family viewing together that you didn’t ever worry about needing to censor. I’m sure my Mom appreciated that because she was a busy working Mom who didn’t have a lot of spare time to waste. When we watched TV shows like Road to Avonlea we watched them together as a family and it was a great bonding experience.

RoadtoAvonleaRoad to Avonlea complete boxed set is seven seasons long. That spans the entire series and runs about $199 US. Road to Avonlea by Sullivan entertainment would make a great gift for an entire family, or for Grandma and Grandpa. Together they could watch the series slowly with their grandchildren.

The Canadian Film and Television company Sullivan Entertainment has several great gift ideas including jewelry, books, perfume, DVDs and more. There are also some fantastic gift box sets like this one – and also Anne of Green Gables, The Wind at My Back and Anne of Green Gables animated series on the Shop At Sullivan site. Anne of Green Gables fans will love something special and unique and made in Canada from this site.

I received this boxed set for consideration in my Thrifty Momma’s Tips gift guide. My opinion is all my own. 

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  • Elizabeth Matthiesen

    Road to Avonlea sounds like a wonderful series. I’ve only read Anne of Green Gables and never seen this series but it sounds like something that i would enjoy.