Games Night and Families

Our family has always been into playing games together. My kids love to play Rush Hour and Road Block and other Think Fun games on their own. Together we often get Jenga out and enjoy challenging each other and connecting with each other one on one. I know a lot of friends and family members have dedicated Game Nights for that very reason. Connecting without the need to check a TV, a Nintendo, or a cell phone. There’s a lot to be said for that. My youngest child has always loved this time, especially. She asks all the time to play Crokinoe or  checkers, and card games are a huge hit with her too. My kids love Pictionary and a current favourite is Pop N Drop Penguins. 
How do you incorporate games into your family’s routine? Do you have a dedicated night or do you just pick them up whenever the urge strikes? Which ones are your favourites?
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