Winter Word Search Printable for Kids

Now I happen to love winter, but only when there’s enough snow on the ground to ski, toboggan, and skate. But there are many cold blustery months that are kind of a downer before the snow hits making things fun again. So what’s your solution to getting through those days with kids? This year I have several free printables and this Winter Word Search for you to enjoy when you are in need of an easy indoor activity.


Winter Word Search

This Winter Word Search is great for December or even over the Christmas holidays. Click on the image above and save it and print it out, or click on the link in this paragraph and download it clean and crisp from PDF.


By the way there is a really cute Planets and Constellations Word Search here for you as well. And don’t forget that if your kids enjoy these types of activities I have a free printables board on Pinterest with hundreds of great games and printables to enjoy.


When I was little I loved these word searches. They were one of my favourite things to do in down time. On car rides, road trips, in doctor’s offices, basically any time I was bored. It can be enjoyable finishing one of these from start to end.

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Do you like crosswords or word searches?


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