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How Does Your Easter Egg Hunt Grow? #Kindermom

There is something about Spring time and Easter that brings to mind fresh starts. The windows have finally been thrown open here after a long winter and we are enjoying being able to take walks, riding the bikes, and being able to explore our new yard. This year we will be starting new Easter traditions in our new home. There’s something exciting about that also.

One tradition I look forward to every year is the Easter Egg Hunt. It’s a hold over from my own childhood and it brings out the child in everyone.

Treats and Toys that are Safe to Share

Kinder Surprise has been a big part of our last few Easters. I have been a Kinder Mom for about three years now. I love Kinder Canada for a few reasons. First of all I can share them with my nieces and nephews and not worry about their peanut allergies. (everything but the mini eggs). My kids can take them to school and share them as well. No worries about other children getting sick, or having allergic reactions.

I also love that Kinder is all about encouraging play. This month has been insanely busy here at work and the other day I cracked an egg open to find a toy car inside, which led to me playing for five minutes with a car in the middle of my work day. That reminded me how important play is to everyone, at every age. Every year Kinder comes out with an Egg Hunt Kit. I love that. Madly. In fact, Easter Egg hunts are traditions carried over from my childhood. Back when I was a kid, we found jelly beans my Easter Bunny (Mom) hid.

She maintained this tradition for many years longer than she probably needed to. I know she did it even when my brother was in university.


Our Easter Egg Hunt Tradition

For the past 4-5 years, some friends and I, have done an Easter egg hunt with our adoption group. It’s part of the social component of our group, meaning every year we take some time to get our families together – not just Moms or Dads, but the kids too. That’s important. In years gone by we had Easter egg hunts at someone’s home. We had a field that someone donated for the afternoon event and that was a great time for everyone. Who doesn’t love an egg hunt? One year we invited everyone to our backyard and that was a lot of fun too.


But this year we moved. We now have a yard with a swimming pool waiting to be opened and that’s not so conducive to an outdoor event right now. Also the kids are getting older, so we are all still trying to determine how the social event and the egg hunt will grow with us. Our kids are not so small anymore. Many are tweens, like mine, who might rather be helping the little ones gather their eggs than hunting for them on their own.

I have a few ideas though. I can still do the Easter egg hunt for my own girls. I think I might just revamp it to give it new energy this year. On Ainsley’s birthday we tried a scavenger hunt through the house to find her birthday present (Katy Perry concert tickets) and that caught on like a barn on fire. She loved it. So, maybe this year I hide fewer eggs, but I make them all contingent on finding a clue and putting the pieces of a scavenger hunt together. And this year I think my adoption group might host a low key social affair. We can still celebrate with Kinder Surprises after we have an afternoon at the park, or the museum.

No matter how the event evolves Kinder Canada is always there to share the day with us. For more details and to enter the regular deals and contests Kinder offers, visit the Kinder Canada Facebook page. As a parent, I appreciate also that some kids can’t be home for Easter. Kinder has partnered with Children’s Miracle Network and will be providing 12 baskets to  CMN hospitals.  As well, Kinder® will be donating another $25,000 to help support this non-profit organization dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children by raising funds for children’s hospitals across North America. 

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Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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