How to Create a Stunning Photo Gallery Wall Now

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A photo gallery wall is a great way to help commemorate the most important times and memories a family has. Whether it’s a collage of several different events or a themed wall, this kind of photo setup helps keep memories alive and showcased for visitors and family members, alike.

Over the past two years we have been building and adding to our photo gallery wall in our family room. Piece by piece it is shaping up to be something I am happy with. Today, I’m ready to share it with you. I thought I’d take some time to provide a few photo gallery wall tips to help keep your photo space unique, attractive, and full of all those wonderful memories you cherish so much.


Photo Gallery Wall 101

It takes some thought and planning to make an impressive gallery wall. You could just slap photos up there in whatever frames you have, but that wouldn’t look very good. You want your gallery to tell a story, and you don’t want that story interrupted by the design – or lack thereof – of your wall.

Pick Your Spot

A great gallery wall begins with choosing the right spot. You want to find a wall with plenty of space. You could also find an area of the home that has plenty of connected wall space.

For example, my gallery wall is in the basement on a large open wall. It’s an ever-growing collage of photos that capture our adventures together as a family. However, you might have a staircase situation with a couple of walls or a big, triangular wall space that could lend itself to a gallery wall. It’s up to you, but the main point is that you need space so that your photo story can grow.


Choose a Theme and a Focal Point

The best gallery walls have themes. This allows you to tell a story with your photos. Our gallery wall is focused on our family adventures in travel. Each piece tells the story of our travels together. We have a huge canvas of us zip lining and we have many photos of our favourite family travel moments.

This week I added one of our most recent adventures – a large framed canvas photo print of the family skiing at Bromley in Vermont. We love to ski and we only learned how to ski at Tremblant in 2015!! It’s an activity which is becoming increasingly difficult to schedule in as the kids get older. But each family ski trip together holds a super special place in all of our hearts. This year my youngest turned 14 on our family ski trip to Bromley. Such a great addition to our gallery wall.

Choose a Great Photo Partner

A photo gallery wall usually requires some large prints for focal points and to keep things interesting. Even if you don’t need large prints, it’s always fun to find a partner that can help you make your gallery wall unique in some way. For me, that’s using They specialize in photo to canvas pictures that offer a visual experience for your gallery wall that’s as unique as your memories. I love their canvas printing options because they offer a variety of sizes and styles that can be framed or unframed. This unique approach makes for a gallery wall that will have people stopping and staring.


A Photo Gallery Wall Makes Memories Last

We love our photo gallery wall, and I’m happy to report that so does everyone else who sees it. I know these family moments won’t last forever. The girls are going to graduate high school, then it’s off to college and careers and spouses. I hope they have amazing, full lives, but while they’re here, I want as many memories as I can get of these moments to help me once the nest empties out.

I love the way our wall has turned out. If you’re interested in their process, head over to and check out what they can do to help you save those important family memories.

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  • Travelbuds

    I have a gallery wall. Going up the stairs in my house one wall is all pictures of my kids’ visits with Santa. I love looking at them each time I go up the stairs.

  • Christine F

    I love this look! I have a huge empty space on my wall that needs some attention. I think the decals and vinyls looks great and are a great idea!

  • Amie

    Great tips ! I was just thinking of doing something like this , I have so many beautiful pics i didn’t know where to start ! I love the idea of some wording with it all , just a added touch , makes it pop I love the canvas instead of the photo is frames , it just stands out , I’m gonna order a few ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Catherine Robichaud

    I love this idea. The deals you used really makes it. I will have to find a wall to do something like this.

  • Debbie White Beattie

    Your wall looks great and I always thought you’re supposed to use the same frames but yours looks great without it so I guess I read it a long time ago and it’s outdated now

  • Tricia Hope

    I have had one of these forever.They were usually just a mish mash of things I love.Now I can redo it with confidence.Thank you!

  • caroline m.

    I’m impressed, it takes a lot of time and effort to make such a nice photographic display. I made one once and found it took me a long time to find each one of the right photos for each frame. Bravo!

  • Kristi

    I really love photography on my walls. I would love to do something like this at the top of my stairs.