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Worry Free Summer Road Trips with LBL #travel #ad

If you have any sort of digestive or bladder issue, from IBD, inflammatory bowel disease, to LBL, light bladder leakage, you know about worrying. You know about sitting vacations and family events out because you are worried your stomach, or your bladder will act up. You might even have given up on things like road trips. Some days everything feels like a battle.


Whether you’re headed to work, or heading out on the road, LBL is always in the back of any woman’s mind who suffers from it. And it’s not just that. These types of issues can make travel difficult. But summer is right around the corner and road trips go together with long weekends like peanut butter and jelly. So what can you do about that and how can you enjoy a good summer road trip with friends or family when you have LBL?

Did you know that 7 in 10 Canadian women have urinary incontinence? And just over half of these women report some anxiety as a result of their condition. 11% even avoid seeing family or friends due to UI. There’s no need to avoid travel and family visits. I’ve put together some tips that can help you get back on the road with less worry over UI.


Tips for Worry Free Travel with LBL, Kidney, or Digestive Issues 

First things first. Don’t allow these issues to stop you from doing what you love. That’s a biggie. It’s important to remember that while these conditions may make travel a bit more thought intensive, they shouldn’t rule your life. Rather, it’s all about finding ways to live life to the fullest and reduce worry.

Take Your Time

If your travel partner is only intent on getting from point A to point B as quickly as possible, you need to let them know that doesn’t always work. First of all, let’s be honest…. most of my good friends and family members know I have Crohn’s Disease. While not the same as LBL at all, there are many similarities. When I need to stop, I can’t wait. We need to build that into our travel time. Sometimes that can be the same with LBL. But here are a couple of other thoughts about that. I travel a lot. I travel successfully because my husband and good friends know and support me. SO, don’t hide away. It is a really important thing to let a few people close to you know that you may need extra stops when road tripping. It’s okay to simply say to a friend – I have a medical condition, called LBL, and I want to let you know at the outset that there are times I need to be close to a bathroom. You might be surprised how many other friends might suddenly reveal that they have LBL too.

To make your trip less stressful, take your time. I don’t mean drive like you’re on a Sunday afternoon adventure. I mean make as many stops as you deem fit to stay comfortable and less anxious. If you have to stop every hour, then do so. It’s all about making sure you feel as comfortable in your own skin as possible.

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Don’t Get the Big Gulp

When you stop to eat or to get something to drink on the road, opt for a smaller beverage size. I’m not saying to dehydrate yourself. I’m saying that a 60 ounce Big Gulp isn’t going to be the best decision for you on your road trip if you have LBL. And if you get regular pop, all of that sugar isn’t going to help any other health issues you may have. Instead, opt for a smaller size, and bring bottled water with you, so you can space out your fluid intake. I don’t go many places without a bottle of water. It helps me to stay hydrated especially on road trips. Plus when I have water with me then I am less likely to buy coffee or soda.

Avoid Salt

Excess salt is no friend of road tripping women with LBL. Salt promotes fluid retention, and at some point, that retained fluid has to be expelled. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of nowhere or 10 miles from the next off ramp when your body decides it’s time to dump all the fluid stored up from the deep dish pizza you had two days ago. If you have LBL, opt for lower salt foods a few days before and during your road trip.

Avoid GI Triggers

If you have GI issues, and you know that certain things trigger them, avoid them at all costs on a road trip. In addition, avoid anything that might be made with ingredients that trigger your issues. The name of the game on this one is being careful.

Use a Great Bladder Control Pad

If you have LBL, you want to be confident that if you can’t get to a restroom fast enough, you’re fully protected. Always opt for Always Discreet bladder control pads. These pads come in a variety of absorbency options to keep you as dry as possible, and they control odor as well. That means you can be confident on your trip instead of worrying about how your LBL is going to affect it. Always Discreet is thin and comfortable, soft and it feels like underwear. Nobody will know you are wearing Always Discreet because it is soft, quiet and invisible. Always Discreet can help protect you if you have LBL, and help you to continue travelling and having a life.

Have Fun!

Above all, have fun! LBL and GI problems are medical issues, not life sentences to solitary confinement. Rather than avoiding what you love, take control of your LBL with Always Discreet, avoid your GI triggers, and take back your life.

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Don’t Let Any Medical Issue Control Your Life

 If you have LBL you don’t have to give up what you love, and you don’t have to forego family trips. Instead, get a great bladder control pad like Always Discreet and do a little planning. You’ll be on the road – literally – to worry free traveling, even with LBL.

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Don’t forget that you can try a free sample of Always Discreet by visiting their website.

I created this post as a paid ambassador with Always Discreet. All opinions and advice are my own and I only work with companies I genuinely love.

Do you have LBL? If so, have you tried Always Discreet?

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  • Cyn

    I love this post! I have so many friends who never go anywhere, because they’re afraid of what might happen. Really, you just need to plan ahead.

  • Jeanette

    I do have some tummy troubles, and a little bit of LBL, but I try hard to not let it ruin my life there are days that I rather not go out but usually I like to travel. It’s a great option for people and I cannot wait to go vacation this summer.

  • Joann

    Being mindful of your travel partners and their needs is important too. I’m glad that people are not letting things like this stop them from summer fun!

  • Eloise

    great tips for anyone with thisLBL… I like how you mentioned have fun, letting people know not to let it slow you down in life: )

  • Melissa Dixon

    I have some medical problems and I can tell you the most stressful part is leaving the house. I couldn’t imagine traveling so I am glad to see people with LBL have a solution.,

  • Kathy

    These are some great tips. I don’t have LBL, but I could imagine how it could go with traveling. I’m glad you have some wonderful tips for those dealing with this.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    Always Discreet bladder control pads are great for giving me confidence i can make it to the next stop on a long trip. I try to limit the amount of liquids i take in as well.

  • Lynndee

    I don’t have any LBL issue so I haven’t tried discreet. But thankful that they have this kind of product in the market. Then I know what to get just in case I’ll have that issue in the future.

  • Jenny

    It is amazing how much hard road trips become after you have kids! Great tips, I know we do a lot of bathroom stops on our road trips.

  • aly mashrah

    I’m all about the journey vs the destination. If I’m on a road trip, I want to enjoy it and take my time instead of getting where I’m meant to be as fast as possible. I would take frequent stops if I needed to. These are great tips!

  • ricci

    These are all great tips for traveling with someone with lbl! I am all about taking in the sights when I am on a road trip!

  • Psychic Nest

    Hi Paula,

    What a thoughtful and helpful post! You are right, medical issues should never keep us away from traveling. I have a friend with lbl so I will pass that article to her. Thank you!