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Infertility Statistics in British Columbia – It’s Time for Accessible Health Care #IVF4BC

Infertility statistics in British Columbia might surprise you. They might shock you. They should be repeated and shared and talked about. 1 in 6 Families in BC struggle with infertility. That means you know someone in your circle that has infertility, or has been through infertility. Maybe they shared their story with you. Maybe they struggled quietly.



This upcoming May British Columbia marks two important events. The provincial election occurs May 9th, and the lead up weeks are a time to inquire where the parties stand on IVF funding. When the politicians running for office in your riding come to your door, ask them where they stand on public funding for in vitro fertilization. Share this infographic. You can have your iPad near by with the infographic loaded. The visual helps.

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Let them know that these are the infertility statistics in BC right now. Remind them also that other provinces have a funding program that is working and saving money as well. In fact four provinces have some level of IVF funding program. BC does not. Then remember to tell your story.

And the second event is Canadian Infertility Awareness Week from May 7 to 13. That’s also a time to tell your stories and advocate for change.

More Infertility Statistics and Facts:

Even though only 4 provinces provide public funding for IVF, more Canadians are covered than are not! Population wise more people in Canada have access to funding for IVF than not. That means BC is in the minority of Canadians.

A round of IVF can cost $7,000 to $10,000. When people struggle to pay that cost, they will often transfer multiple embryos. While multiples are adorable, they also carry greater lifetime health care costs. Twins and triplets are often born prematurely and spend weeks in the Neonatal ICU (NICU). Maternal health can also be compromised.

The optimum health outcome for women and infants is single embryo transfer with public funding for IVF. Healthy children are the future for every province. Children grow into smart consumers, taxpayers, caregivers, policy makers, politicians and business owners. They build the future. That’s why it’s so important to keep talking about funding IVF with single embryo transfer. IVF funding with SET builds healthy babies, healthy families and healthy futures.

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What You Can Do To Help:

Be sure you are registered to vote in the upcoming election.

Talk to representatives when they come to the door.

Tell your story and ask them where they stand on IVF funding.

Sign the petition if you have not already.

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