Five Favourite Western Caribbean Cruise Ports

The western Caribbean is one of my favorite areas for cruise ports. With an abundance of natural beauty, friendly locals, amazing sights to take in, and endless adventures awaiting, the western Caribbean has some of the best cruise ports imaginable. I’ve put together a list of my favorite ports in the area. If you are planning a cruise of the western Caribbean be sure to take note of these ports.


Western Caribbean Cruise Ports that Always Deliver

My family and I have enjoyed all of these wonderful spots, some on several occasions. They rarely disappoint. These ports offer all the grand scenery we expect in the Caribbean, as well as a great vibe and opportunities to make life long memories.



In the extremely exotic Belize, you will find a HUGE range of activities and sights to see. With gorgeous beaches to the east and dense jungle to the west, Belize is home to rich wildlife on both land and see. Visitors can look forward to relaxing on the beach, snorkelling, diving, as well as exploring the wonder of nature and the Mayan ruins found there. Highly recommend the Belize Barrier Reef snorkelling experience. It is well worth the cost and the time. One of our favourite excursions ever was that time we snorkelled with nurse sharks and stingrays in Belize on New Year’s Eve Day.

These two ports of call – Grand Cayman and Roatan, Honduras – are two of our favourite western Caribbean ports.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman is the jewel of the Cayman Islands. This largest of the Cayman Islands boasts gorgeous, white sand beaches, fine dining, exciting nightlife, beautiful reefs, and more. Its famous Seven Mile Beach, Stingray City, and Botanical Park are all must see attractions. Traveler Tip – Do NOT Miss the Turtle sanctuary. I will return.


Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, an island about 65 kilometers off the northern coast of Honduras, is a western Caribbean paradise just waiting to be explored. Of course, you’ll find the white sand beaches that are so well-loved in the Caribbean. Unbelievably lush, Roatan also boasts amazing diving areas, gorgeous flora and fauna, and great excursion options. Such great memories of waking up here one morning on our first ever cruise, spying the turquoise blue waters and beach right beyond our balcony stateroom. Magic!

Cozumel, Mexico

A mostly untouched island off the coast of Mexico, Cozumel is a must see port in the western Caribbean for diving enthusiasts. Although, it boasts white sand beaches, resorts, dining, and all of the things we love about Caribbean travel, Cozumel really shines for diving. There are diving spots around sections of the Mesoamerican Reef, the Museo Subacuatico de Aerte’s submerged sculptures, and the Chankanaab eco park. A diver’s paradise.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

No post on the western Caribbean would be complete without at least one stop in Jamaica. Ocho Rios is the tops for me. This lovely area features amazing shopping, dining, and natural beauty, Ocho Rios really delivers. Enjoy horseback riding on the beach, swimming with dolphins, and relaxing on incredible beaches. Or have an epic lunch at one of the many restaurants in the area. Do some shopping or get your hair braided.

We’ve been to Jamaica several times and we love it. Jamaica is one of the most family friendly areas we have visited. Our memories of the first time we took the kids to Jamaica are special. I will never forget how the Jamaicans treated our girls and nicknamed them “Baby Girl!” and “Fish.”

travel roatan
That morning we woke up to the bright sun streaming through the blinds  and we were already docked in Roatan, Honduras – that’s exactly 100 % why I cruise right there. MAGIC. Roatan is lush and exotic and it will take your breath away.

Western Caribbean Cruise Ports You Must Visit

The western Caribbean is an oasis of both natural and man-made beauty. You really can’t go wrong with any port in the area. That being said, the cruise ports I just listed are the ones in the western Caribbean that you absolutely should not miss. They are some of my personal favourites and they boast some incredible excursion opportunities as well!

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  • robin rue

    The only places I have been in the Caribbean is St. Maarten and St. Thomas. Both were amazing places to visit.

  • candy

    These ports sound wonderful and the photos are great. Going on a cruise is just something I can’t wrap my head around yet but never know I might change my mind.

  • Jeanette

    I’ve actually been to most of these ports myself and I have to agree they are probably some of my favorite. I have not been to Jamaica yet but I know that I want to my cruises I’m sure I will get there. I highly recommend going to any of these Caribbean islands they are beautiful.

  • Debra Hawkins

    My husband and I are both dying to go on a cruise. We always said for our 10th anniversary we would, well that has come and gone and we still want to go!

  • Mars

    Never been on a cruise but its on my bucketlist. I want to visit those places in the Carribean. They are all beautiful.

  • Pam Wattenbarger

    I have heard such great things about Roatan! And I have always wanted to visit Belize. It sounds beautiful.

  • Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    We have never been to the Caribbean but this sounds like such a beautiful destinaiton. My friends have visited this area many times and they always rave about the clear water and beautiful scenery.

  • Claudia Krusch

    These western Caribbean ports sound amazing. I have always wanted to go on a cruise in the Caribbean.

  • Destany

    I’ve never been on a cruise! But my very good friend is going on one next month, and she’s so excited! All of these places look so gorgeous.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    Great choices! I have been on a Caribbean cruise once and I am wanting to go on another one soon. Belize is full of exciting places and adventure opportunities. To explore nature, wildlife and swim with sea creatures was an experience I treasure for a lifetime.

  • My Teen Guide

    I would love to see Ocho Rios! I would love to do horseback riding on the beach. Oh my goodness, that would be so nice! A ride on the beach at sunset is like living a fairy tale! I wish I could do another Caribbean cruise right now!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is awesome information about the favorite Western Caribbean Cruise Ports. We hope some day we can go on a Caribbean Cruise. The Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands is a place I would love to visit for sure some day. Thanks for shairng the information.

  • Laura

    The stops sound fantastic. I’ve only ever done an Easter Caribean and Dominican Republic cruise but I would love to go on a Western Caribean one, especially to Belize!

  • Amanda

    My family loves going on cruises and I will never forget how stunning the port of Grand Cayman is. I can’t wait to take my own family on Caribbean cruises one day!