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Happy Anniversary to Ontario’s Fertility Program Twitter Party #IVF4ON

Happy One Year Anniversary! This week we celebrate the Ontario Fertility Program anniversary. This past weekend was a glorious reminder that the Ontario Fertility Program works and helps many infertility patients access treatment. This year I have seen many patients find hope as they begin their funded round of in vitro fertilization in Ontario. And this weekend, a longtime member of Conceivable Dreams messaged me to let me know her cycle worked. She is expecting in the summer of 2017. Another longtime member, Cheryl in Barrie, (shown in pink below) posted pictures of her beautiful baby girl born just one week ago.


These are just two of the recent stories I have heard since the program began. Toronto infertility patient, and now soon to be Mom, Jacquie, also shared her infertility success story here with readers last week. She is expecting her baby in January. Many patients have received calls to start their funded round in January. So the New Year brings a fresh wave of hope and it marks a full year of accessible health care treatment for infertility patients in Ontario.

Conceivable Dreams patient group celebrates every one of the success stories, and every one of the journeys to get here. The patient group that advocated for many years for reinstatement of an IVF funding program will join Linked Moms on Wednesday to celebrate one year of building healthy families in Ontario. And one year of accessible treatment for infertility patients in this province.

A Few Facts about Ontario’s IVF funding program.

The Ontario Fertility Program:

The Ontario Fertility Program has enabled thousands to pursue their dream of a family, or of expanding their family.

[tweetthis]Since its launch in Dec. 2015, the Ontario Fertility Program has funded over 4,700 rounds of IVF #IVF4ON #onpoli [/tweetthis]

This year, 4700 rounds of IVF have been done as a result of the Ontario Fertility Program.

One in six people of reproductive age struggles with infertility.

The first babies to be conceived through the program have just been born at end of 2015.

It’s important to remember that before Ontario’s fertility program existed many patients gave up. Some took out two mortgages, or high interest loans in order to afford treatment prescribed to help them conceive.

The Ontario Fertility Program’s single embryo transfer policy is helping reduce the number of multiple births. born through IVF and making treatment safer for Moms and children.

[tweetthis]Join me Weds Dec. 21 at 8 p.m. EST for a twitter chat celebrating one year of the Ontario Fertility Program.[/tweetthis]

So join Conceivable Dreams this week WEDNESDAY, December 21st at 8 p.m.

We will talk about the program so far and the patient experience.

As always remember the hashtag #IVF4ON

Celebrate a year of hope. A provincial government that supports healthy families. The many new families formed via the Ontario Fertility Program this first year.

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