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Common Sight Words Printable – Kindergarten to Grade One

If your children are about to start school, or are working towards entering grade one soon then this post is for you. Sight words are the most frequently printed and written words in the English language. They are generally simple words, ranging from Little to TO, to Down, THE, and of course AND. There are several of these sight words and the sooner children grasp and recognize them the easier it is to read.



I think I mentioned this before here once or twice. My younger daughter had some trouble figuring out reading. The decoding didn’t come easy for her and the processing part just made her frustrated. That was a big shock for me, a person who makes her living writing. My oldest daughter read early and loved books immediately. So words were easy for her. I had little experience with reading challenges before parenting Ainsley.


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Sight words have very little meaning on their own but they add to many stories and texts. Some sight words don’t make a lot of sense phonetically and a few can’t really be sounded out, so these are the words that kids should know by sight. They are high frequency words in the English language.

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This is a list of sight words that your child should recognize and know well by the end of grade one. It is not a comprehensive list of all 100 but it hits about half of the ones that should be understood before entering grade two.



With my youngest daughter Ainsley we tried a lot of things to help. Flash cards, printables, reading repetitively. She was also a super busy child so I would walk around the house sometimes just reading out loud to her. She found it hard to sit still. And of course we did all the things that we did with Payton. But Payton looked at words and absorbed them.


Eventually we figured out that Ainsley seemed to require more time and more repetition for reading. She has some special needs and now has an IEP individual education plan to help her access the curriculum at school.


Tools like this printable set of sight words written clearly and practiced over time helped.

Does your little one love reading or have some trouble figuring out how to put the sounds and words together?

There are a couple of different ways to download this list of sight words. I recommend clicking on the PDF Sight Word Link above and then you can print the entire set out quickly.

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READING is a Skill For Life:

The best way to help them learn to read is to set and read with them often. Also model reading yourself because that helps too. Then you might cut these words out and categorize them according to letters and make a game of reading them. OR, you could make this into your own bingo game. Every time your child reads one he or she could locate on the sheet and put a checker on it.

Happy Reading!

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