Learning About Dinosaurs with DK Canada

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Learning about dinosaurs has become my daughter’s newest passion. Of course, Marvel and sharks are still high on her list, but ever since we saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, my daughter has fallen head first into the deep end of the dinosaur pool. She can’t get enough of them. She reaches for every source she can find for learning about dinosaurs like she’s writing a grad thesis on the subject.

In fact, she’s incredibly excited about the fact that some researchers are actually discussing bringing dinosaurs back to life. I fall squarely into the “that’s a bad idea category”, but it excites my daughter to no end. If there’s one thing that five Jurassic Park movies should have taught everyone, it’s this: dinosaurs should be studied, not reanimated.


Learning About Dinosaurs with Three Great Books

To make the studying part easier for my daughter, I got three informative and fun dinosaur books from DK Canada to help with research. The internet is a great place to quickly and easily access information, but physical books cannot be replaced. Reading is a sensory experience still in so many ways and it helps build so many skills for life.

Books bring learning to life and my youngest still loves them, thankfully. These three dinosaur books are accurate and interesting. Their colorful illustrations and scientific explanations are readily accessible. And let’s face it there’s nothing quite as satisfying as flipping a page when you’re really excited about something.

This latest batch of DK Canada Dinosaur books contained a few she helped me pick out for summer reading. Happy to support her wanting to learn this summer, so I sent away for this trio of DINO books. She asked endlessly whether the books had arrived yet and when we missed them one afternoon while out running errands she was pretty impatient. But right before we left for Philadelphia and a travel opportunity we had together the books showed up. So, guess who lugged Dinosaur books to PHILLY?

Pocket Dinosaur Guide went with us everywhere and in fact part of our trip was dedicated to discovering dinosaurs at the museums.



My daughter loves Dinosaur! because it features images and cutaways, making it so much more than words.

Packed with photorealistic computer generated images, detailed cross-sections, and cutaways revealing the inner workings of dinosaurs, simple annotations, and clear concise definitions explaining each dinosaur and prehistoric beast at a glance – Dinosaur! revives the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous Eras and brings young readers into the action.

Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs

Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs has quickly become my daughter’s go-to for quick referencing. She uses this pocket guide to pull up information about specific dinosaurs she finds in other areas of her study. It’s filled with illustrations, skeletons, anatomy, and history about over 140 prehistoric animals. It was a great guide to come with us to Philly where she used it inside The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University.

Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs profiles more than 140 prehistoric animals and features fossils, skeletons, anatomy, and history as well as species including dinosaurs on land, winged pterosaurs in the sky, and a range of sea monsters in the ocean. Find out what they looked like, where they lived, how they ate, and about the fossils they’ve left behind and their relatives that still roam the Earth today.

Dinosaur A to Z

Similar to Pocket Genius, Dinosaur A to Z catalogs of over 150 dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Ainsley uses this for quick reference and as an easy way to drill down on a particular creature she’s interested in. She’s also been drawing a lot of dinosaurs lately and she’s employing her sister’s habit of using a reference image to help guide her hand. Dinosaur A to Z has excellent reference images and is fuelling her imagination.


Learning About Dinosaurs is Better with Great Books

My daughter loves these DK Canada dinosaur books. So far, she’s used them in conjunction with the Internet and even with our summer travels. Loving that she is super captivated by all the dinosaur facts available to her right now. As usual DK Canada works hand in hand with building smarter children

I am impressed by her commitment when she finds something she really wants to learn about. That’s why I was so happy to get her these books from DK Canada. They’ve made learning about dinosaurs easier and far more enjoyable for her.

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