Toshiba Shes Connected Holiday Heroes and HD 3D TV: Smarter TVS

Toshiba is for me one of those brands that consistently delivers great quality at good prices. So when I was asked if I wanted to take part in the Shes Connected Holiday Heroes, Toshiba Brand Ambassador program, well that was a no brainer for me. My very first laptop and the computer that is most reliable in this house is my Toshiba. So this is a brand I believe in and buy for our family. I don’t sing the praises of every product or brand that crosses my desk.

My job as a brand ambassador for Toshiba was to pick one of their products currently in stores right now and provide a review of it. I chose the Toshiba 3D HD TV. The price point for both the Toshiba Thrive tablet and the 3D TVs was excellent and while I might buy either if I was looking for more gadgets to gift this year, the 3D TV is top of my wishlist right now. Loved it for several reasons.
My kids and I hit a local Best BUY this week and played with as many 3D TVs as we were able to find. We tried out several brands. Toshiba was one I kept coming back to for price. A Samsung with similar capabilities was double the price. Actually, I was really suprised that I liked the 3D TVS as much as I did. I admit that at the movies sometimes I wonder why there is so much hype about 3D technology, but when I tried the Toshiba 3D TVS out I was in love. The vibrant pictures literally jump off the screen. Sporting and nature programs are outrageously right there in your face. Close enough to reach out and grab. For a time my kids were watching the underwater program that was on and they were fully involved shouting at me: “Mom, you’ve got to try this!”
Imagining the Toshiba 3D technology in my living room or basement rec room, was easy to do. Frankly this is on the top of my wishlist now.
So now the details:
The Toshiba TL515 series has:Toshiba 3D Passive Technology
The TL515 series comes in screen sizes of 32, 42, 47, 57, 65 inches. (The one we looked at was 47 inches and large enough for me. Actually the product specialist indicated it was one of the smaller ones they had in store. I am not so easily wooed by size and really wanted to know the TV wouldn’t overwhelm an entire room. This size was probably as big as I would go in my current home.)
What You Get: Four pairs of passive or natural 3D glasses
1080 p.
240 HZ
Built in WIFI
Smart TV apps
Widgets and Game Made
USB input (JPEG, MP3, or video)

  • 3D Resolution+™: 3D Resolution+ technology automatically upconverts and sharpens 3D sources that are not native full HD – such as top/bottom or left/right formats – to create a consistently high quality 3D experience.
  • Product specialist Amit Sharma did not want to appear on camera, but he gave me his take on the 3D TVs and his expert opinions.
    Sharma said the 3D passive technology basically means the glasses aren’t powered by batteries and are easy to use. Good for children and seniors, he noted. The glasses are easier on your eyes. It is a Smart TV, so it has some great apps. The 3D quality is great and you can watch in either format 2D or 3D. Although when it came time to show me how to switch back and forth he had some trouble doing so.
    Sharma noted that he personally liked the sleek look of the Samsung cosmetically, but price wise it is almost double the cost.
    The Toshiba 3D TV I looked at for review was $1099.99
    From a Toshiba press release:
    Toshiba’s first Natural 3D LED TV, the TL515 Series, creates stunning 3D images using affordable polarized glasses, making it ideal for longer viewing periods and 3D gaming. The TL515 Series is ideal for consumers looking for a great 3D experience and a low total cost of ownership. Featuring a Black Brushed Aluminum look, the TVs feature a 1080p Full HD CineSpeed® Plus LED panel with Local Dimming for enhanced contrast and new 240Hz ClearScan™ technology for smoother motion.
    The TL515 Series also features the ultimate in connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi® and Net TV with Yahoo!® Widgets, making it easy access online content and social networking sites.
    Another thing about the Toshiba that I liked knowing was that the Trivector 2D to 3D conversion meant that you don’t have to have 3D movies or watch everything in 3D. Just like that little Nintendo gadget I bought one of my kids for Christmas, this TV switches back and forth. You can watch all your favourite 2D TV or Bluray Discs in high quality 3D if you want. The Toshiba 3D TV we reviewed got a $$$$ out of $$$$$ from thriftymommastips. Honestly price, quality and entertainment value hard to beat! I would gift one of these TVs in a heartbeat. If I hadn’t just had the outrageous new furnace costs, we would be seriously contemplating this as a present this Christmas.

    Of course before we left we checked out the Toshiba Thrive tablet currently starting at $399.99.
    Pros: Very competitive pricing. Sturdy and easy to navigate.

    Cons: Heavy and I am less enamoured with the Android Apps that are out there right now than I am the IPad apps and Blackberry Playbook apps.

    I am a Toshiba Brand Ambassador with Shes Connected and I was given a Camileo camcorder in order to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own.

    Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.