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Disney’s New Cruise Ship

What could be cooler than a Disney Cruise? A Disney Cruise on a ship with an onboard waterpark. That’s essentially what Disney’s newest cruise ship Disney Dream is offering. Beginning next month cruise ship lovers and Disney fans (count me in) will be able to experience this latest adventure courtesy of Disney. While I’ve not been on the ship and may frankly never be able to afford this I had to show thriftymomma’s fans this amazing creation, the first time a waterslide has ever been done on a cruise ship. This one is dubbed the AquaDuck and as you can see it wraps right around the deck extends out over the water in some spots and looks like nonstop thrills. Disney Dream is the third Disney cruise ship, even bigger than the first two, and accommodates some 4,000 guests. Wow! The AquaDuck is being called a transparent watercoaster and it’s creating quite a buzz already. The tube dips four decks and winds up in a lazy river. There are three other family pools on board and this amazing experience is expected to be ready for booking November 9th. Can you all say bring it on Mickey?
(Photo courtesy of WDIG)

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