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My #LGG3Moms LG G3 Smartphone Review and Giveaway

Meet my new crush.

This is my favourite gadget of the year – the LG G3 Smartphone has changed the way I work. I have been an iPhone user for as long as I have been a blogger. But then I got the chance to test-drive the LG G3 Smartphone. I never thought I would love an LG G3 Android so much. The thing about my iPhone that I loved the most was its reliability. It never dropped calls and it connected seamlessly wherever I travelled. Colombia with World Vision Canada, no problem! Mexico? No problem.

So then the LG G3 smartphone arrived and I have to tell you that my first impression was completely cosmetic. It looks good. The LG G3 smartphone is a sexy phone. But if that isn’t enough there’s the fact that it has a much bigger screen than my iPhone 5 does. I also never thought I would be worried about a bigger screen BUT here’s the thing – everything is bigger on a bigger screen. The camera takes incredible pictures. I have been sharing many of those over on my Instagram account. The camera is 13 MP which is one of the best in a smartphone right now. The picture quality as you are working, or tweeting, or posting to Facebook is amazing. See if you can tell the difference here between old and new phone camera.

LG G3 smartphone
My regular phone picture taken on the left and then the one I took with the LG G3 smartphone is on the right (number 2.)

It’s LG quality. When we bought our house we got an LG smart TV. The quality of my TV experience has improved exponentially. I still don’t have time to watch, but when I do it’s surreal. It feels like I am there with the characters inside the plot. It’s funny, but that’s almost exactly how the LG G3 smartphone feels when I am using it. Like I am in the phone. It has improved my experience as a consumer using the product daily. Is it as reliable as my old phone? So far it is. Also I am advised that this phone, the LG G3 smartphone, has one of the best batteries in a smartphone. It lasts a long time. So far so good also. It lasts much longer than the smartphone brand I have been using for years.

For a few weeks, after I got this phone it was a running joke here and my husband asked constantly: Oh no, what are you going to do now? I was in a quandary. How do I break up with my other phone that has been such a stunning third hand? How? Well the phones are moving around in my house now. Someone will be upgrading to my oldie soon. This LG G3 smartphone is almost too good at what it does.

Taken with my LG G3 smartphone camera.
Taken with my LG G3 smartphone camera.
Mantel after decorating
This is one of the first weekend’s I had the camera on this phone.

Here are some more features:

  • o The LG G3’s 5.5 inch quad HD screen illuminates so you can take perfect selfies even in complete darkness—with a lighting effect similar to ones that professional photographers use for beauty and portrait shots.
  • o The LG G3  SmartKeyboard adjusts its size based on your preferences, while Smart Cleaning prompts you to delete unused apps to optimize battery life and keep your phone running quickly. (I LOVE THIS!!)
  • Rear Key Design
    o The LG G3’s Rear Key provides a comfortable grip and natural navigation. The larger redesigned buttons lay flat and have a textured design for improved touch response.
  • Guest Mode – o Guest Mode gives other users a completely different home screen, restricting access to certain apps. Create two separate unlock patterns—one for you and one for your guests—with preset restrictions to certain apps. (Cool for when your child grabs your phone to play their favourite games. This is a fun phone for gaming because of the battery life and the larger screen. But it also seems to be a great work phone too.)

KNOCK Code rocks also – it gets me into the phone without typing my password. See more in the video above.

I love this phone. It has everything I need. Plus this phone has me convinced LG makes quality technology so I am hunting down more LG products. I honestly didn’t know they were this good and innovative technology.

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