Beados – Fun Craft Gifts for School Age Children #TMMGG2014


My kids are crafters. In fact that’s why I originally signed my older daughter up for preschool many years ago. I couldn’t keep up with her need to craft. It was constant. She still loves to craft and little daughter has followed in her footsteps. So, I always know when it is birthday time, or Christmas, a great craft kit will be appreciated almost more than any other item or toy. Beados arrived here on a day when Payton came home from school because she had been feeling sick. Beados is now one of my new favourite craft gifts for school aged children. Payton also made a Youtube video here for you to watch and discover how to use Beados.

Beados are meant for ages five and up. They are super cute and I spent some time playing with these as well. There is something slightly magical about how they stick together just with water. Beados sets make great craft gifts for school age children. They are a perfect gift for crafty girls, five and up. Not meant for over 13 in my opinion. But, that said, I had fun playing with these too.

If you buy these you might as well go ahead and get the refill kit because they will use up the beads quickly.
And there are several cute refill kit and theme packs. Adding these so that you have options this Christmas.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received two sets of Beados.

My opinion is my own. This post may also contain affiliate links to help you shop fast. We really enjoyed these. I give them $$$$$ out of $$$$$. They are simple to use, affordable, on sale now and they are really cute. They come with a little play set of sorts with suction cups so you can stick the figures to the world you build and the you can also manipulate the figures and play with them. I would actually consider sticking a magnet to the back of one or two of these Beados creations and then using them on my fridge.


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