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Five Amazing Multi-Generational Travel Destinations in the Southern U.S. #travel

Tree generations on the beach

Multi-generational travel can be wonderful. Enjoying life long memories with everyone in the family from grandparents down to grandchildren is something that not every family gets to do. Although multi-generational travel can be fun, it’s sometimes difficult to find destinations that appeal to everyone. That’s why I’ve put together 5 great multi-generational travel destinations in the southern U.S.

Multi-Generational Travel Destinations that Totally Rock

If you’re going to take a multi-generational family trip, you might as well make it totally epic. That’s what these five destinations are all about. If you’re planning a trip to the south with the extended family, these are destinations not to be missed.

Walt Disney World Resort

This takes the number one spot on my list for one major reason. Disney has been around for as long as many grandparents have been alive. Subsequently, Walt Disney World Resort has attractions that will appeal to everyone in the family from the oldest to the youngest. With fine and themed dining, rides, characters, and more adult themed attractions such as Epcot, Walt Disney World Resort was made for multi-generational travel.

New Orleans

You might think beads and flashing when you think New Orleans, but it’s so much more. New Orleans was tailor made for multi-generational travel. From the historic district, never ending music, and family friendly sites like the zoo and aquarium, New Orleans has a little something for everyone from every generation. For a true multi-generational experience, take a ride to the zoo or aquarium on an honest to goodness New Orleans street car.

Rock City

Rock City is a beautiful destination for multi-generational travel. Located atop Lookout Mountain near Chattanooga, Rock City has everything a family could want in a travel destination. It’s the kind of fun that appeals to the older family members because it doesn’t involve high tech gadgets. It’s also the kind of fun that appeals to the kids, because it sparks their sense of wonder. At Rock City, you can see 7 states, stand under a waterfall, take a walk through an underground cavern, and more.


Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a great multi-generational travel destination for the family that loves old school. You can rent any of a number of cabins nestled in the mountains surrounding Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a beautiful relaxing oasis after a day of touring antique shops, old time general stores, and more old school, down home goodness. The youngsters can enjoy the many attractions designed for kids like woodworking storefronts that showcase hand crafted toys and the many family-friendly activities like do-it-yourself mining.

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. is an excellent multi-generational travel destination. Both adults and children will enjoy seeing the seat of our country’s democracy, as well as visiting several museums that are enjoyable for adults and children alike. You can visit the National Air and Space Museum, where you can touch a piece of the moon. Also, head over to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, where you can see the Ruby Slippers worn by Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz, among other things. I have actually never been but have this on my dreamy travel destination pinterest board wishlist.

Multi-Generational Travel Makes Lifelong Memories

I don’t know many people who can say they went on a trip with their extended families. If you can do it, I highly recommend it. There’s nothing like experiencing amazing new things as an extended family. Multi-generational trips build memories like no others, so head to one of these fantastic southern destinations and experience the magic and wonder of multi-generational travel.


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