Look Who’s Having #winewithchicken

Part of the London crew – Cyn Gagen, Wanda Lynne Young, Me (Paula Schuck) and the fabulous hostess Margarita Ibbott

Take four friends, an elaborate but manageable dinner party plan, a heavy dose of twitter, a dash of wine paired well with a great new chicken dish and marinate. What do you end up with ? – a bit of magic.

Honestly when Margarita Ibbott, my charming and talented friend who boasts the nicest kitchen of all the people I know, asked me to join her for a #winewithchieken dinner party recently I was giddy. We four haven’t been in the same room together since Blissdom and the chance to tweet, meet and dine was too irresistible to pass on. This is the story of our night.

This is the mark of a gorgeous place setting. The wine, a white Chateau Des Charmes was subtle and dry enough to compliment the chicken. Not overwhelming or heavy, but light and pleasant. This is one Sauvignon Blanc I would pair with many chicken dishes at our house.

The chicken dish was a recipe from Chicken Farmers of Canada. (I love those characters on twitter. They make me laugh. Go ahead read their profile and try not to smile.) @chickenfarmers The recipe was Indian Roast Chicken With Lentil Brown Rice Pilaf. The chicken was so distinct and juicy. I was worried it would be too spicy for my stomach. Indian food can occasionally be too much for me, but this recipe was well chosen You might not be able to tell here, but it had a slight yellow tint to it from the spices – likely the turmeric. Every bite was moist and light. I have not eaten Lentils in years and this brown rice pilaf was extraordinary. 
The dishes were provided by Margarita, who has a stunning collection of Emile Henry – I had honestly never heard of the dishes before, but they were top notch. Gorgeous dishes on their own, but seriously functional in that they kept the rice pilaf warm for a really long time. In fact we all commented on the fact that it was remarkable to have food kept piping hot that long.

How lovely is that dish?

The dishes, or the wine, on their own would make a great gift this year for any hostess or host on your gift list. The best part of the night is the conversation and the company, and in fact we shared a lot of laughs as we always do. Thanks to the great sponsors, Chicken Farmers of Canada, She’s Connected, Chateau Des Charmes and Emile Henry. Thanks to the great company, and even more thanks to Margarita’s husband Paul who took some of the photos of our group.

Thanks to Margarita, Wanda, and Cyn for a great night out. Follow them all here: Margarita, ( ) Cyn Gagen, of or Cyngagen /

Wanda of course can always be found tweeting at @BookaliciousCA and 

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation for this post, but we were all provided with some great wine and chicken. The hostess provided some lovely gifts as well.

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