Make Cooking Easy with the Best Toaster Oven from Hamilton Beach

If you have teens, then I suspect you know my pain. They sometimes struggle with this desire to be independent coupled with a desire to let’s just say, conserve energy. Oh occasionally they shock and amaze whipping up a big recipe in the kitchen unexpectedly. But more often than not I still hear: Mom what’s to eat? Do we have any …fill in the blank here.

So, what’s my solution to that? Sometimes I find it helps to stack the deck in my favour. I load the fridge with easy healthy snacks and I often wash and prepare vegetables and keep them in small reusable containers in the fridge. And, I fill my kitchen with appliances that are simple to use making cooking and baking easy.

Which brings me to my latest new toy, our Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven. My younger daughter is loving this pretty, functional, energy efficient new small appliance. Of course, all toaster ovens make cooking faster, but if you’re like me, you’ve often wished that they did a better job or weren’t quite so small.

That’s why I’m excited about my new Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven. It makes it easy and fast to cook delicious food when we don’t want the hassle of using the oven. And it’s easy to use so that works for my growing family with busy teenagers.

What Makes Hamilton Beach a Great Toaster Oven?

So what makes this toaster oven so great? To begin with, its size. This toaster oven can accommodate a 12-inch pizza, which I love. We’re a family that loves homemade pizza, and cheesy bean burritos and tuna melts too. Read to the end of the post and you can see my simple tuna melt recipe. Those two things – toaster ovens and tuna melts – make me slightly nostalgic for the 80s and 90s when I was growing up making these in our toaster oven.

When I was a kid I didn’t necessarily know much about energy efficiency, but as a Mom I value that.


Generous Size

With its generous size, the Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven makes it easy for us to have a pizza night or even cook a pork tenderloin if I’m feeling extra ambitious.

Convection Heating

Another thing I love about this toaster oven is its convection heating. With this technology, I’m able to cook faster, more evenly, and I can use great settings that I’d normally only be able to use in my traditional oven. It does it all – toasting, broiling, and baking. So whether it’s pizza or chocolate chip cookies, I can make it in my toaster oven. Love it.

Energy Efficient

It’s also energy efficient, which appeals to me. I’m a big fan of reducing my bills while I also cut back on my carbon footprint, and this toaster oven helps me do both. It uses up to 71% less energy than other toaster ovens.

Get the Best Toaster Oven for Your Family

The best toaster oven gives you great cooking results with less hassle, and that’s exactly what my Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven has given me. This small appliance makes it easy to get quick meals on the table. I think you’ll love it, too. So if you’re in the market for a new toaster oven, give the Hamilton Beach convection toaster oven a try.

Cheesy Tuna Melts Recipe

Super simple cheesy tuna melts are a crowd pleaser. Here’s how we make them. Mine are super simple because my kids detest onion and spicy things so this is a basic kid friendly tuna melt for lunch or dinner.

1 can of tuna

1 / 2 cup of mayonnaise

English Muffins – 1 per person. Substitute buns if you want instead

Cheddar cheese – sliced about 1 cup


Cut the buns or English muffins in half.

Butter the inside

Drain tuna and put it in a bowl. Add mayonnaise and mix

Chop the cheese into thin slices

Turn the Toaster Oven on to about 300 degrees, use the Toast setting.

Stack the cheese in a layer on the bottom half of the muffin and add the tuna and mayonnaise mixture on top.

Pop into the toaster oven for a maximum of ten minutes at 300 on the toast setting. ENJOY!!

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