Make Travel Easier with Mabel’s Labels

If your family travels much then you know that it’s a total joy, and sometimes also complete chaos. There’s the packing and the actual transportation time, which is let’s be honest, not the best part. Thankfully the time spent at your destination is always more than worth it.

The memories made are magical and heartwarming and so very priceless. Even business travel can be well worth the effort and time spent getting there. But, occasionally, whether you travel with kids or with colleagues, you wind up losing things. It’s inevitable, but it doesn’t have to be.


Make travel easier with Mabel’s Labels. I’ve been using Mabel’s Labels for years. I put the labels on my kid’s items because I have learned that kids of all ages lose things ALL THE TIME. Mabel keeps hats, coats, boots and even snow pants and water bottles from vanishing and costing you more money.make_travel_easier

Lately I have started using Mabel’s Labels for a lot more. Mabel’s Labels work on household items like cords, my laptop bag, my Kobo, my computer, and all my kids’ items, as well. They make it easy to keep things organized and keep track. In addition, they make it easy for anyone who finds your items (if your kids lose things the way mine do) to find you and give them back.

Here’s a new use that I’ve been using the labels for a lot – travel. Labeling all my important belongings helps me keep things secure and make travel easier overall. In fact, in all my travels, the biggest, costliest, mishap I had was when I forgot to label something. My SONY camera was lost on a mother daughter Philadelphia trip this year, and I believe I might have had it returned if only I’d remembered to label it!

Because I’m so in love with Mabel’s Labels, I wanted to share a couple of great gifting ideas for travellers as well. .


Make Travel Easier and More Secure for any Traveler

I have a few friends who have just as much wanderlust running through their veins as I do, so I know these ideas from Mabel’s Labels will be winners with them. I think they’re useful for any traveler.

Travel Label Pack

The Travel Label Pack from Mabel’s Labels features a variety of labels to help any traveler on your list keep track of their belongings. The pack is perfect for family travel and includes labels designed especially for suitcases in addition to smaller labels perfect for toiletries, electronics, water bottles, and more.

Here’s what you get:

  • 4 large luggage labels
  • 15 personalized name stickers
  • 2 optional personalized bag tags

Mini Custom Name Stickers

I love the mini customer name stickers from Mabel’s Labels because they’re perfect for both travel and everyday life. These micro peel and stick labels are perfect for everything from school supplies to toys, electronics, and more. They make a great gift for a traveler, or a frazzled parent.

Make Travel Easier and More Fun

Both of these options are perfect gifts for travellers any time of the year. If you don’t have anyone to gift them to right now then give yourself a package because it’s a little like insurance for your items when you travel. To make travel more fun, simplify, and also don’t leave your things in taxi cabs, UBER vehicles, trains, planes and automobiles.

I received product for consideration here. 

To win a travel label pack from Mabel’s Labels, follow the instructions below. 

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