DIY Printable Pirate Valentines for Kids

ARGH Matey, Pirates are the best. Pirate Valentines are the perfect simple cards for your child to give this year. What child hasn’t been captivated at least once in their childhood by pirates and treasure, adventure and gold?

When I was a child I loved Valentine’s Day. There was something so sweet about making special cards for all of your friends and schoolmates and hand delivering them. Then there were always the school crafts. I loved making the cute little Valentine’s mailboxes or envelopes that we hung off of our desks. Something so incredibly simple but I still recall doing that today.


You can borrow these Pirate Valentines and print them out for your own use. You may not reprint and use them on your site. Or, you can click the PDF link below and print these Pirate Valentines out with the same caveat. These are only for you and your kids to use this Valentines Day.

Pirate Boy Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is so much fun for children, especially those who are in grade school sharing parties and treats and cards. There are so many treats and crafts that you can do with your kids to celebrate Valentine’s Day! I still recall being in grade school and making a mailbox out of an old Kleenex box for my Valentine’s every year. That was a sweet tradition.


If you need a fun Valentines word search to do, here you go.

And don’t forget to print these Valentine’s Day coupons out. They are an easy affordable cute gift kids can give too.

What are your Valentine’s Day traditions?

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