Valentine’s Day with Kids #Recipes4Romance

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Once kids arrive, Valentine’s Day romance takes on a whole new meaning. Making plans to schedule a babysitter, at least around here, can mean weeks, sometimes months of trying to find compatible schedules. Is it me, or are babysitters busier than they ever used to be? I haven’t been able to get our high school babysitter ever since she started high school. So essentially I have been without one for six months or more. And don’t even get me started on the cost of a night out.
So what do you do? How do you keep the romance with kids? Well, simple affordable and nutritious products like Olivieri spinach and cannelloni, or their limited time heart shaped pasta can help. This year, we made a pesto spinach and cheese with feta and garlic bread. The whole family enjoyed that which is a nice thing when a meal satisfies everyone. 
Spinach and cheese pesto:

Start with 2-3 packages of spinach and cheese cannelloni. 
One package of pesto
Olive oil
Feta cheese
Garlic bread
Drizzle olive oil in glass casserole dish.
Add cannelloni. Cook according to instructions. I suggest drizzling a bit of pesto on top of the noodles before you cook them or they will dry out and stick to bottom. Pull out of the oven about 5 minutes before it is supposed to be finished (20 minutes in) and add the remainder of your pesto. Bake for at least 3-5 more minutes. Remove from oven, plate the noodles and sauce and sprinkle feta cheese liberally on top. Serve with salad and some heart shaped garlic bread. Enjoy!!
I asked my 12-year-old what things they’d like to do to add to a Valentine’s dinner.
This is what she said:
Five things school aged children can to help with Family Valentine’s Day:
(Actually I think this recipe is so simple my 12-year-old could cook it.)
1. Set the table up fancy with a pretty table cloth like at the restaurant.
2. Cut some garlic bread with cookie cutters into heart shapes.
3. Make some fun Valentine’s with each family member’s names on them and fold in half as if they are place cards. 
4. Set the mood. Find a CD – Payton suggested Michael Buble and put it on for dinner time.
5. Make a tasty healthy salad to serve with the meal.
Then do the dishes and clean up afterwards. (I might have snuck that one in there, but it’s a nice idea.)
Olivieri Pasta has some other great ideas of romantic recipes to share here.
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