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My Avon Lady: Sales Jobs Are Rarely So Rewarding

This is a sponsored post. Avon is a company I have loved from the time I was a child. As a little girl, I browsed those brochures with passion and dogeared all the pages with cute girly necklaces or bath soaps. Once in awhile someone would buy me something tiny from the brochure and I was in heaven. Avon has always been a female focused, woman friendly company and in these last ten years I have come to love it even more. When we moved to our current home I searched for an Avon lady and luckily I found one. I love the progress I have seen over the years from the product line. I was a bit shocked when clothing was introduced and I chatted up my Avon lady about it. I had a fabulous Avon lady as soon as we arrived in London. Her name was Jean and she was retired, having long ago raised her children. She delivered my items and made it a social call each month. She was a welcome visitor and so sweet. Few were more astonished and joyful when we adopted our baby girl than she was. I still recall the quizzical look the first time she arrived and saw we had a baby in our arms. We got a lot of that that summer. Then right after that,she showed up with an Avon gift. My Avon lady loved what she did and she did it old school for 30 years. I adored the tradition she maintained. Progress has changed Avon slightly, but the company is still a great business opportunity for women everywhere. If you are looking for a part time job with a great company click on the ad and take a moment to sign up. I think you may find it every bit as rewarding and flexible as Jean did.

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