My Top 5 Travel Posts of the Year

Looking back at my travel stories 2018 helps me with inspiration. I hope it has the same effect on you.

Travel Resolutions this time of year are strong with my network of family members and friends. There’s something about that blank slate again. Time to unleash those travel dreams and let them breathe a bit, so they take shape and become travel realities too.

This is exactly what I’ve been thinking about this year and I have several ideas rattling around in my head and on my list. Where will I go? What will we do as a family, and will I be able to cross off any of those bucket list destinations after all?



At the end of the year, I look back on the amazing adventures I have had, while also plotting some adventures ahead. Determining when and where to go is a challenge when you are a travel writer sometimes. You can have all the travel resolutions in the world but in reality when a trip comes up and a story idea materializes plans change. If, and when, you are offered a spot on a familiarization tour then you go. Best laid plans oft go awry, right? Some days, and years, the unplanned adventures are the best ones.

Reflecting back on the last two years of travel here and what I have been able to accomplish, makes me feel positive about travel writing. There have been some incredible trips. A few travel stories are still being written right now actually. But this isn’t about that. This post is about the best read travel posts this year on Thrifty Mommas Tips.

OH Boy the water was cold in May in Quebec!

Here are my Top 5 Best Read Travel Posts for 2018

Maybe some of these will help you to make your travel resolutions this year.

Keep in mind that some of these are travel posts that are not actually experiences we had in 2018. A few happened in 2017 and a few are travel related tips and resources posts. But these are the most well read travel stories 2018.



A Saguenay Family Resort with Wolf Encounter.

In May of this year I did a conference called WITS, Women in Travel Summit. After we finished the conference Aeryn Lynne, Margarita Ibbott and Vanessa Chiasson piled into a car and did a girlfriend’s getaway that took us to Tadoussac through Saguenay, and Quebec Maritime. This continues to be one of my favourite experiences of the past twelve months.



Cruise Wreckers. 


Not only is this my best read travel post of all time, it is also my best pinned travel story of the last decade here. Cruise travel is one of my favourite ways to travel as a family and see the world. My post, Cruise Wreckers, is basically advice gleaned from all of our adventures on cruises. Read this one before you travel, because any one of these mistakes can lead to a gigantic cruise fail that becomes a cruise wrecker. You want to enjoy your family or romantic cruise. Trust me.


Free Day Trips in Ontario.

This one is extremely easy to do and it’s located in Bruce County, Ontario, a destination and cottage country area we have been visiting for decades. Bruce County is one of my favourite places to summer in Ontario. Here’s one you might not know about though. Did you know that Bruce County has free day trips and bus tours that are educational just like this one – Bruce County Power.

Florida Hotspots.

This post was actually a roundup of our favourite Florida destinations. Several of my favourite travel writers and Canadian travel bloggers chimed in to recount some of their most memorable visits to Florida. This is what they enjoy in Florida. Use it is a guide to planning Florida travel.

Maybe one of these Florida trips will end up on your bucket list of travel resolutions this year.



Bruce County Hiking.

Wow, two Ontario based Bruce County experiences made my list. I am astonished by that and pleased too. So happy to see many Canadian travel experiences as my best read travel stories 2018. That means more travellers will read about and visit these destinations.

In 2017, Payton and I were invited to Bruce County to explore the area. Here’s what we did and what we enjoyed most while there. Stay tuned for a 2018 travel roundup too.

I know. I know. In fact I said this list was five well read travel experiences and stories. So why is there a number 6 here? Well, this travel tips post is another one that is extremely well searched and pinned too. Anniversary Trips That Rock.


Where Will 2019 Take You?

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