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This was Eight – #WordlessWednesday

This was eight.
The year you got your junior black belt. The year you got a teacher that really truly liked and got you. The year your friends became really big in your world. The year you made laser webs from yarn and spun them through your room. The year you fought with your sister, and then fell asleep in her bed. The year you wondered why Grandma had to get Alzheimer’s and then simply quietly helped her – often and without being asked. The year you got an appliance for your teeth. The year you won three trophies. The year you grew about two inches and gained some more reading skills. The year you continued to drive me mad with your energy and questions and occasional screaming fits. The year you gained some more skills to cope with your disability. The year you slept over at Aunt Michelle’s. The year you got a new cousin. The year you swam and cuddled and ate more than a few French Fries. The year you ate your weight in peanut butter.
This was eight. 

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