Six Anniversary Trips that Totally Rock

Anniversary trips can be just the thing to ignite a renewed sense of romance in your marriage. They can also be an extension of the romance that never really went away. Whatever they are for you and your spouse, one thing is certain. Anniversary trips can and should be memorable experiences. Otherwise, you might as well just have a staycation with a bouquet of flowers.

There are so many great ways to spend anniversaries really. If travel is involved I don’t think you can go wrong.


6 Anniversary Trips that are Totally Worth It

The only trip you should take for your anniversary is one that is completely and totally worth the expense. These trips should make memories that last a life time and be filled with all the magic and wonder that life has to offer. To that end, here are some ideas for a memorable anniversary getaway.


Hey, it’s not just for kids. Disney is a place for both the young and the young at heart. Think about it. We all grew up with Disney. This is an anniversary trip for people who are in love with Disney and all the magic that goes with it. Of course, it’s not all pixie dust and talking animals. You and your spouse can enjoy posh accommodations at Disney’s impeccable resort hotels to fuel your own Disney romance. I know many couples who would choose Disney annually as their favourite vacation spot. Disney can do romance as well.


All-Inclusive Resorts

Nothing says romance like a tropical getaway. There are all-inclusive resorts all over the world from the Caribbean to the Gulf of Mexico to the South Pacific and more. An all-inclusive resort is the perfect place to celebrate a long and happy marriage and inject some extra passion into the relationship. Beaches, sunsets, fine dining, and more are included in the package, so all you and your mate have to do is enjoy the resort and the time you spend together. Here’s an idea from a  recent trip to Alabama and Gulf Shores. Check the post out for more details on where to stay there.

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A Mountain Getaway

Want to feel like you and your mate are 1,000 miles away from everything? A mountain getaway might be just the thing. There are all sorts of cabins for rent in both of the major U.S. mountain ranges as well as parts of Canada for those seeking a rustic, “just you and me” retreat for their anniversary. Remember, anniversary trips don’t always have to involve warm weather. There’s nothing more romantic than a warm, blazing fire. British Columbia has many beautiful and romantic resorts and chalets that would be magical for anniversary trips.

Us on a family trip to Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont January of this year. Smuggs is great for families but would also be a romantic couples weekend or 3-4 day holiday too.


Similar to a mountain getaway is taking an anniversary trip to a ski resort. At a resort, you’ll get all the amenities you’d expect at a resort getaway as well as some nice ski time. In addition to that, you’ll have the added bonus of fires and night and moonlight on the snow. It has the perfect blend of rustic and posh. Many ski resorts have impeccable (although expensive) restaurants on site. There are often hot tubs and spa services available too. Frankly I enjoy skiing with my husband. Although he has to slow his pace down a bit when skiing with me I find it really enjoyable couples time. A quiet chairlift up the side of a scenic mountain is peaceful.


A Cruise

A cruise is a great option for a romantic anniversary trip. Everything is here in one spot for you. It’s essentially a floating resort, and with exotic ports of call, great entertainment options, and all-inclusive everything. Cruises are a wonderful way to combine relaxation, adventure, and romance all into one trip. You can lounge in the sun, sipping cocktails by the pool while on the ship, and then explore beautiful, exotic locales when you dock. It’s an almost perfect trip.


A Safari

I recently had the chance to visit Zambia with the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life global vaccine advocacy group on a fellowship. While we worked hard all day visiting clinics and US aid organizations and hospitals too, we also built in some amazing adventures after we finished the daily interviews and visits. At night we took a scenic sunset cruise down the Zambezi River and we also did a safari. As we were visiting and doing these things I noted many seniors visiting as a retirement adventure and I felt it a bit of a shame people wait so long to see Africa. This is a trip that people should embrace at any stage of life. It’s a very romantic setting. I would recommend doing this once in a lifetime African safari and tour as a romantic anniversary trip.

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These Anniversary Trips Can’t Lose

If you’re looking for an extra special way to celebrate an upcoming anniversary milestone, all of the options I just listed are sure fire winners. Anniversary trips are all about making spectacular, life long memories, and these trips are perfect for that. Any one of these anniversary trips is just the thing for an anniversary you’ll never forget.

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