No Mess Foam – A New Sensory Toy

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Are you SO over the DIY slime phase? Is it all over your house? Is it contained in a dozen old small margarine tubs in your laundry room? OH I feel your pain. So, why not replace it with a new sensory toy?


On the one hand sensory toys are useful for so many reasons and so many kids. But slime has had its day. I think we can all agree on that. But, it is also useful in calming and soothing sensory seeking children and youth.

A New and Buzzworthy Sensory Toy

If you are sick of the messy slime phase and hunting for something equally enjoyable from a sensory standpoint and yet with less mess and kitchen chemistry involved, then I have the answer for you.

Foam Alive is so satisfying. It’s unexpectedly just what you and the kids need. True story. My kids are teens and I am clearly an adult – most days anyways. We opened the Foam Alive last week before Ainsley left for camp and it is currently in my kitchen on the counter in a container. It’s not in the cupboard with the dying slime or the other sensory toys that have outgrown their lifespan and usefulness. It is front and centre and we can’t stop playing with it.


Foam Alive seems to have a life of its own. It is soothing and calming and soft. Most importantly it does not dry out and is mess free. Oh, listen I know you are rolling your eyes when you read mess free sensory toy. I would too. There’s no such thing as mess free you are thinking, but if you thought that you’d be wrong because it is genuinely mess free. We have put it through its paces and the Foam Alive is a new favourite in our home.

This Foam Alive new sensory toy can be shaped and molded and crushed and sculpted and squished. It moves and takes on its own life. Roll it into a ball and then drop gently into the container you are using to store it. Watch as it spills outwards losing its shape almost moving right in front of your eyes.

The first time we used the Foam Alive sensory toy I told my older daughter it reminded me of the third season of Stranger Things on Netflix. The ooze that was the gross part at the start of the season had a grotesque characteristic to it. Because Foam Alive moves on its own the toy reminded me of that scene. It moves. There’s something super freaky and cool about that.

A Worthy New Sensory Toy

I wasn’t planning to get any more sensory toys, but then this Foam Alive sensory toy arrived at my home. We can’t stop playing with it and touching it. The Foam Alive is oddly compelling and a worthy addition to your list of sensory tools for kids with sensory processing disorder, or simply any child who likes to play.

Where to Buy

Buy Foam Alive here now. Great price and perfect for gifts.

Put it away for gift giving. Perfect for any occasion really. Recommended for ages three and up. Sells here at Amazon in a fun kit. LOVE this sensory toy right now.

If your kids need fidget toys here are a few options also on Amazon.

I wrote a post here about sensory tools and must haves for travel with kids.

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