Online Prescription Refill Makes Managing Family Health Easier

This online prescription refill post has been sponsored by The Health Depot. I received compensation and my opinion is truthful.

Prescriptions are the bane of my existence.

Wouldn’t you rather be here?

Let me explain. Everyone here is on at least one prescription. My kids have anxiety disorder and FASD and ADHD and I have Crohn’s disease. I make no effort to hide our health care struggles and challenges. In fact, I talk about them often, because I know we are not alone and other parents need to know they are also not alone.

Recently, I found a solution to a BIG health care pain point.

Easy Solutions Give Me Time Back

The Health Depot and The Health Depot Pharmacy saves me time, money and frustration with next day delivery, reminders that prescriptions are about to run out and the ability to add medical supplies, or health care items necessary to keep your family functioning. Their online prescription refill service is easy, cost efficient and it helps me to get a little more life back. So, I can also enjoy summer a little, while managing everyone’s health care needs at the same time.

Why Has This Been So Hard Until Now?

Managing our family health care seems like a full time job some weeks. And yet, there’s also that pesky full time job to deal with, as well as the usual parenting, plus advocacy and so much more. Right now, after months of pandemic, online school and social distancing, my kids are also clamouring to get outside, and explore safely within our bubble. We don’t want to miss summer entirely.

Some days fitting everything in seems like an impossible task.

A Typical Day

Take today for instance. As I sit here on an extremely busy work day, I am staring down numerous deadlines, a car repair that needs to be handled stat, several emails I have to return, and a pitch that is due. On top of that, I am juggling pick up and drop off of my oldest girl, who is working this summer during a pandemic.

And, of course, one of the kid’s prescriptions is due for refills again.

Exploring St. Mary’s this month instead of driving to the pharmacy

Why Is Someone’s Prescription Always Out?

Both of my girls have prescriptions they need daily to manage attention deficits, impulse control and anxiety. But sometimes we are too busy to see that they are almost out.

By tomorrow my youngest will be out of the medication that helps her to function in the morning. How did this happen? Easy. I am busy and I have too many balls in the air, along with teenagers, who are still learning they need to LET MOM or Dad KNOW when their prescriptions are getting low.


Don’t get me wrong. I have a long relationship with our usual pharmacy and their staff are super. But, they are in my old neighbourhood and running back and forth once a week to pickup or drop off prescriptions is costly and exhausting. It easily takes an hour out of a day.

Time is money when you are self employed.

This is My Pain Point

In the last few years, I have often stated out loud that I could really use an online prescription refill service. I have tweeted it and also simply shouted to anyone who would listen. Why isn’t there a simple option that sends us reminders that someone’s prescription is about to expire?

Well, finally there is.

When I heard about The Health Depot Pharmacy and their approach to simplifying the online prescription refill process, as well as the ordering and delivery part, I was extremely interested.

The Health Depot Background

Founded in 2019 by Andy Donald, The Health Depot Pharmacy was created to simplify the prescription experience.

Offering a seamless approach to getting prescriptions filled, and online prescription refill, which keeps individuals safe, and healthy, The Health Depot Pharmacy eliminates the headache involved in driving back and forth to the pharmacy last minute.

What About Service?

Here’s what I found….The Health Depot provides free delivery, real-time access to customers’ medication through PharmaConnect, a low dispensing fee, and support with reminders when people are running low on a specific prescription.

They offer a team of Pharmacist Specialists (Certified Respiratory & Diabetes Educators and Certified Geriatric Pharmacists) available to help and can personalize medications to the individual.

On call pharmacists who are knowledgeable and professional are available all the time. I was extremely impressed with the customer service.

AND, in addition to that, they also have an impressive online health care store. NEED I IMPRESS on you how useful that is right now in 2020, during a pandemic?

So, How Did it Work?

I wanted to test this out with one of the kid’s prescriptions. So I went on line and set up an account with The Health Depot, basically telling them where I live and how to reach me. Then I indicated that I would like to switch a prescription over. A pharmacist called me to confirm and I also got an email and it was switched. That’s right…they did all the work.

When you have your prescription with The Health Depot you get an automatic refill notification either by text or email, so you never run out of medication. The Health Depot Pharmacy team also lets you know when you run out of refills and need to renew a prescription with your healthcare provider.

Next Day Delivery Often in Ontario

The next day, the prescription arrived on my doorstep with a shipment of personal health care products we needed. Allergy pills, Laxative, tampons, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, disposable surgical masks and more.

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Other Things to Know

  • Low Dispensing Fee

The Health Depot dispensing fee is $9.99, compared to $12.99 at many other pharmacies.

  • The online health store, The Health Depot, carries staples and also some GREEN Product lines, like Green Beaver, OWN, Every Man Jack and f.e.t.e Bamboo toothbrushes.
  • There’s also a home health care section – so if you need catheters, enteral feeding supplies, incontinence products, bath safety, post-op or ostomy supplies, they are also available here.
  • Oh and for seniors, people with disabilities, or parents of kids with special needs, if you have something highly specific that you need, they can often order it for you. BONUS!!

Shop online and have items delivered straight to your doorstep, with free delivery anywhere in Ontario when shipped with prescriptions, or on all orders of $50 or more.

That part might seem like a small thing, but it’s not. For years, I have joked that I should have purchased stock in a pharmacy. We drove back and forth every night often for something – bandages, Tylenol, allergy pills. When the kids were small it was diapers and infant Motrin, now it’s Midol, pads, allergy pills and tampons.

Online Prescription Refill Ends Our Prescription Chaos

This is genuinely a great idea, long overdue. Everyone here has prescriptions, so it is a constant time drain for one of us to have to go drop off and pick up all the time. During the height of the pandemic I didn’t want to be anywhere near a physical pharmacy.

Visiting the Allergy Cat Cafe inn Stratford instead of spending time at the pharmacy

The pharmacist and staff provided quick and personal service. In fact, I was blown away by that because I feel like we’ve come to expect a lower level of service sometimes when doing things online. The Health Depot Pharmacy team has proven that’s not the case.

Getting A Bit of Freedom Back

So, here’s to getting a bit more life back. This week, instead of wasting time racing around hunting down prescriptions, vitamins, sunscreen or allergy pills, we all visited a cat cafe in Stratford, and I took my daughter to the beach where she smiled so much she told me her face hurt.

I haven’t seen that big a smile in about five months now.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.