Classic Yard Games to Play Again Now

How many times have you played Classic Yard Games over the years? I’d hazard a guess that it has been awhile. No shame in that. Me, too, actually. Back when the kids were small we played these outdoor games together often.

Recapturing Childhood

Remember the romance of childhood? I’m not talking about Hallmark movie romance, but that pure magical feeling that anything is possible and the only limits are your creativity and maybe Mom yelling bedtime out the front door or the window long after the sun sets.

Staying up late on those seemingly endless summer nights to play, without a care in the world. No taxes or mortgages or worries in the world. Tag, Hide and Seek, Corn Hole, Freeze Tag – all of these are not only fun, but great opportunities to get outside and be active. That’s one thing that has been missing for weeks, maybe months this year.

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Those days, a simple bicycle or a game of tag with friends, even freeze tag was the ideal way to spend a few hours. Never mind work. Wouldn’t it be amazing to recapture some of that again?


When my kids were small we made up various new, fun versions of these classic yard games. We played many of these old favourites in the dark in the safety of our own backyard and to this day we still have many fond memories of the nights we spent playing Dark Tag and Hide and Seek in the dark after supper at our old home.

The beauty of most of these outdoor games is that you need very few items to play them. Imagination and a few close friends or family members and you are off to the races.

Get this Classic Yard Games Printable Now

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