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Organizing and Rubbermaid All Access Bin Review

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My Mom had a lot of collections. She collected dolls and angels and photos. When she passed away recently, many of her treasures came to me. There are a few special things I want to keep for my kids. As I mentioned, there are many beautiful collector dolls in great condition. My children are getting older, but I still don’t trust them not to break their grandma’s special cherished items. At the same time my storage space is at a premium. In fact it’s past capacity to overflowing here and we badly need a garage sale. I can’t keep half of the furniture we have moved to our house temporarily. But I will keep these things: some of the angels that meant a lot to her spiritually and some of the dolls that my kids will enjoy at some point.  
So I was faced with the question of where to put these things safely for a time, until my daughters are old enough to play or admire gently items that are breakable. Rubbermaid sent a shipment of All Access containers at the perfect moment in time for me. The All Access containers are similar to the standard Rubbermaid containers, but with a transparent side. You can stack the bins and easily see what is in each and every one. So for now, this particular bin above holds the dolls and jewelry that meant a lot to her, and therefore, also now mean more than the world to me. Every one of these precious things reminds me, or smells a nit like her, or is attached to some special memory I have of her. Although it pains me to see them inside a storage container, at the same time I know they are protected and safe here in the Rubbermaid All Access containers.
On a lighter note, I am transferring all our Christmas decorations to this style of stacking bin because I am always faced with hunting through my Rubbermaid containers when I need to decorate. That kind of makes me nuts at Christmas time. So these All Access medium-sized bins will be ideal for our house. I can see the lights and decorations and determine easily which one each item is in. The bins each seal perfectly, unlike several other inferior brands I have tried where the lid ends up being used for a surf board in the living room because it falls off too easily and lands into creative kid hands. And what’s even better, the drop down door means that even when they are stacked, you can easily reach in and get whatever you need.
These bins are sized to handle a good deal of product. Ideal for toys or Christmas items. Perfect, don’t you think?
Thanks to Rubbermaid for sending the All Access totes. I was not compensated for this post, but I did receive product for free. My opinion is all my own and 100 % honest. These get a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ because they are durable and useful and they improved on an already great product.

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