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Getting on Track with Sharpie and Paper Mate #SpreadJoy #Giveaway

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Getting on track for the school year is especially important when the kids hit junior high and high school. Every year is important, but it seems like time is starting to run out when your kids hit high school. Grades, volunteering, extracurriculars – are all incredibly important for college and university admission. This year it’s crucial the kids have everything they need to stay on task. Sharpie and Paper Mate offer tools that make getting on track and staying on track easy.



Getting on Track with Team Payton and Ainsley

My daughters are now 13 and 16. They’ll be entering grade 8 and grade 11 respectively, and my husband and I want to make sure they have every edge possible for the coming school year. Our kids both have IEPs, individual education plans, and some unique learning challenges. Fall is a stressful whirlwind of making sure their new teachers understand their needs from the start. I will be honest sometimes I struggle with Fall. It’s not my happy place.

The summer months can be busy with camps and jobs, but the Fall months, well those can be chaotic if you don’t have a plan and the right tools to stay ahead of all the back to school demands. Starting the DAY school goes back we have an incredibly hectic schedule filled with acting, martial arts, and horseback riding. Not to mention homework and then of course travel commitments and skiing!

My oldest daughter, Payton struggles with organization and planning and anxiety too. She’s starting to show progress, but my husband and I want to support that progress with a simple way to keep her on track. That’s why we’re using Sharpie and Ink Joy products to colour code her agenda, as well as the family calendar. The colour code system has worked for us in the past for chore charts when the kids were small, so we have high hopes for this.


My youngest daughter Ainsley struggles with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), and she can become easily overwhelmed. Both my girls are creative and very artistic, so we’re hoping that using both the Sharpie markers and the Paper Mate InkJoy products will help them in a few ways. By allowing both to use different colours to add an artistic flair to work I hope Ainsley adds a bit more fun to learning. Homework is a chore for her. I need her to look forward to writing and putting pen to paper.

Of course organizing is a big deal. This year we have also added a whiteboard and hope to add a pinboard to the girl’s bedrooms so they can jot down reminders, important dates and even inspirational quotes.


Getting on Track Made Easier with Sharpie and Paper Mate

There’s a reason we’re using Sharpie and Paper Mate products to help get our kids on track and keep them organized. They’ve been a staple of back to school for as long as I can remember. From the old days of their ball point pens to their vast array of products available today, Sharpie and Paper Mate have been keeping kids on track for decades.

Now Paper Mate has something to help make getting on track even easier – InkJoy Gel Pens. InkJoy Gel Pens from Paper Mate spread joy, not smears, with vivid gel ink that dries 3 times faster vs the leading gel pen for reduced smearing. Reduced smearing is important for Ainsley, my left-handed girl. She smears all her work when printing. It’s not intentional, but she often smudges work and can lose points for that on projects, so these will solve that issue for good.

They come in 14 different colours to choose from so my daughters’ notes will be bright and fun and easy to keep track of. They also come fully wrapped in a comfort grip for easy writing over a long period of time. SO important for my youngest whose hand fatigues easily. Writing can be frustrating for her when her hand tires, so anything that makes the grip less stiff is gold.

Right before she left for camp I gave her these so she can get used to them. Also it helps Ainsley to ease into school if she has fun tools to use. These InkJoy Gel Pens are bright and cheery and new. Have to love that!

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My husband and I are also using Sharpie permanent markers to help our daughters stay on track. The original pen style permanent marker, Sharpie permanent markers in fine and ultra fine come in a variety of colours to make our daughters’ marking unique and keep it from wiping away. Sharpie Fine comes in 37 assorted colours, and Sharpie Ultra Fine comes in 25 assorted colours so there’s always a new way to personalize.

I told Payton to pick a colour for each task. Red is Back to School. Light green is martial arts night and pink pastel is babysitting. Green is her youth acting troupe.

Get on Track with Sharpie and Paper Mate at Walmart

Getting on track is easy with Sharpie and Paper Mate, and they’re both affordable and available at Walmart. You can find Sharpie Permanent Markers and Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens at Walmart either online or in-store. They’re a great way to make getting on track for the school year easier and fun.

Sharpie and PaperMate Back to School Giveaway

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