Simple Earth Day Trash Or Recycle Game for Ages 3 and up.

It’s coming up to Earth Day. I don’t know about you but these days I feel more urgency than ever when it comes to Earth Day and changing some of our family habits. Are we greener than we used to be here? Yes, I believe so. Do your kids turn lights off, pick up litter and sort recycling? It’s never too soon to start teaching some of the recycling basics and this Trash Or Recycle game will help.


The parent in me loves that schools in Ontario do a better job than ever of teaching energy conservation and environmental issues to kids. Frankly I still recall being a child when we started the recycling system in Guelph Ontario. It was a steep learning curve. But kids are the quickest ones to learn and adapt to change often.

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This Earth Day, I thought it would be a great chance to share some fun printables for kids. This Earth Day Trash or Recycle Game is geared at younger children so even a preschooler at age of three can start learning how to care for the environment.


To print this out just click on the image and save and print from your computer.

Also if you are interested in more printables about Earth Day I have a few ready to be shared here:

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I hope this simple Earth Day Trash or Recycle game in a matchup style will help your kids to categorize and make some sense of what we can do to help.

What do you do to encourage recycling in your home?

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