Welcome April Colouring Page Printable

April showers bring May Flowers right? That’s sometimes one of the only things getting me through April. It can be such  dreary rainy grey month of transition. May of course is summer and road trips and here it means opening the pool!! That makes me happy. I mean if I can’t ski then I might as well swim and read by the pool.


Are you an April fan? Do you enjoy the showers? Or do you search out ways to lift your spirits during the dreary rainy showers this month. If you need something to do, or if you are stuck indoors with your kids and need some activities that are inexpensive and simple, as well as relaxing…well I have that locked up.

April brings Easter every year and that’s time to celebrate. If you need some ideas for Easter recipes and crafts here are a few of the favourites here on Thrifty Mommas Tips.


So simple and adorable April Easter cookies. Don’t forget to come back and tell me which ones you have used or made and how much you liked them. I enjoy hearing those reports.

This Easter banner craft is still one of my favourites. It’s so cute and easy to make too.



April Colouring Pages


Here is a clean April Colouring Page PDF – click this above link for the best version of my colouring page of the month.

OR If you wish to download the picture image above you can simply right click on the Jpeg of the April Colouring Page and it will download for you. Then feel free to print it out for your personal use. Please do not reprint on your own blog. This is for your enjoyment only. Share with friends and family and have fun!

Don’t forget to check this one out too.

Happy Easter and Happy April! What do you look forward to most this month?


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