what is a time share
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What is a Timeshare? Mini-Series – Part 3 – The Best Properties #travel

what is a time share
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What is a Timeshare – Where to Look for Properties

In previous articles, I answered the question, “What is a timeshare” I’ve also covered the pros and cons of owning a timeshare. I have been interested in timeshare properties as travel options for busy families. This series has let me explore some of the research and details about timeshare travel options and investments. This is my final instalment of the series. Now that you know what a timeshare is and the pros and cons of owning one, let’s look at some of the best places to own a timeshare.

Look for the Best Return on Investment

As I mentioned in “What is a Timeshare? Know the Pros and Cons of Investing”, you generally don’t see a good ROI. In fact, if you resell your timeshare, the price will almost always be less than what you paid. Because of that, you want to make sure you purchase a timeshare in an area or resort with high demand. This will help ensure that you don’t lose too much when you decide to sell.

So when considering the questions of what is a timeshare and the best place to look for one, you want to find highly rated resorts and resort communities. This ensures that the timeshare you’re purchasing will always be in high demand and therefore sell at a higher price than normal timeshares.

The Top Timeshares

I did a little research on the most in-demand timeshares for my “What is a Timeshare” series. As a travel blogger who sometimes also writes about money and health, I have been genuinely interested in this form of travel for a few years now. So this series took shape in my mind first. But I learned a few interesting things I wanted to share. I found some timeshare properties that are consistently in demand and highly rated. Timeshares like these are high demand, which means once you get your hands on one, the resale value will be pretty good.

  • Disney’s Beach Club Villas
  • Harborside Resort at Atlantis
  • Disney’s Boardwalk Villas
  • Marriott’s Aruba Surf Club
  • Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club
  • Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
  • Marriott’s Grande Ocean
  • Disney’s Old Key West Resort
  • The Royal Sands
  • Kaanapali Beach Club

These are just a few of the timeshares I found that consistently receive high ratings and that are in high demand. Now that you know the answer to “What is a timeshare”, it’s time to decide if owning a timeshare is right for you. If it is, find one that you love and that is also in high demand. That way you can enjoy it while you own it and not take such a hit when you sell it.

What do you Think? Do you own a timeshare? If so where? 

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