Health and Fitness Review in Light of the New Year

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Last year, I took a word as my mantra for the year. My goal. My defining philosophy. Today I am spending some time taking a recap of that year in fitness. And I am disappointed. My goal was health and healthy living. I tried hard. Until my Mom got sick and passed away unexpectedly and the whole family came off the rails for a period of time. Working out seemed a bit pointless and the process of planning a funeral kind of felt like life was trying to kick me in the head after declaring a goal of health and healthy living.

One of My Best Read Posts

One of my best read posts last year was this fitness challenge one – partly because it was a giveaway for $100 in Lululemon gear. A gift card actually. But some people visited because they have similar goals to mine. Goals of getting fit and carving out a healthy niche in the world. I still believe strongly in that. I still strive to be fit and healthy. It’s a way of life. But I want something a bit more at this point.
I am back to the gym regularly despite holidays and despite life’s many ups and downs. But I am still not happy. So this is my temperature check for me. Just me and my goals going forward in 2014.

Here is what I have gained this past year in 2013:

1. My workout stamina is better than it was.
2. My leg strength has increased.
3. Balance is typically much better and a goal I work hard on weekly.
4. Core strength much stronger than 2012.
5. Muscle strength improved overall.

What I need to change in 2014:

1. I intend to add weight training to my regimen. (Like real weight training with an instructor or coach.) I have set up an appointment with a personal coach to help me improve my routine on the day the kids go back to school. Excited about that.
2. Continue to improve balance – truly important for my brain health.
3. Grow my arm strength. I think weights will help this.
4. Continue to build this into my day at least 3 times a week. (When my fitness time at the gym is less frequent I notice immediately that I lose energy and get sick faster).
5. Work that core until I am happy with it. I have a much stronger core than I ever did in the past, but I notice that as I get older I need to work it even harder to maintain a flat and muscular abdomen. That’s harsh reality.

Fitness Goals in the Coming Year

Also my nutrition needs to be improved for sure. I may post another fitness review in the future.
What are your fitness goals for 2014?

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