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Great Workout Clothes by TASC Performance

I never have enough workout clothes. I love my yoga pants, but when you get a sweat happening in a crazy cardio fitness class, full length pants are way too much. I don’t want to feel like I’m going to pass out because I wear too much clothing to the gym and frankly I don’t want to worry about workout clothes when I am in the middle of a new fitness class, or when I am pushing my limits. I like a variety of options in workout clothes. That’s why I am enjoying Tasc Performance Wear right now.


TASC Performance wear is super soft partly because it’s made of bamboo. It breathes beautifully, wicks away moisture and moves with you. We received the women’s NOLA  crop legging in the floral pattern. TASC Performance wear carries both men’s and women’s workout clothes and some casual clothing pieces too. Actually my husband and I have both identified a few pieces we both like and crop leggings for next year’s ski season. My daughter has claimed the NOLA crop leggings shown here. They sell for $58.00 and I will probably get another set because t’s hard to find crop leggings that I like. I loved these, but they seem to fit a bit small. Sporty tween loves how soft they are and will put them to great use doing one of her many sports, from martial arts, to swimming, to track, horseback riding and now theatre. Next time I order medium for me.


Crop leggings are a necessary part of any active wardrobe and these NOLA Crop tights are made of MOSOtech 4-way stretch fabric that supports without the squeeze for a better, more comfortable workout. It breathes and moisture wicks with anti-odor for ultimate performance during the most intense activity and all day long. There is also a hidden waist band pocket is to stash a key, money or electronics.

MOSOtech is: 51% organic cotton/34% viscose from bamboo/15% lycra spandex.

One thing I have never had is a good sports bra so I was happy to find one for me at TASC.


This TASC performance bra is soft and functional. I have been working out well over 15 years with tops that sometimes have a built in shelf bra. Often I just go to classes in my ordinary bras. Lately I have upped the game and added a lot more cardio and a group power class which is weights, cardio, flexibility and a mess of other activities. One thing I have always hated is how regular bras hurt when doing mat work in yoga. I hate that the underwire bothers me during the core work too. Group power has some step work. It also has a bit of weightlifting and sometimes that’s better done laying on the ground. Underwire is not pleasant when doing weights or core on the bench or the floor. Bra clasps digging into your spine also kind of really detracts from the workout. So this one arrived at the right time for me. Now, I need a few more to get me through the week.

The Endurance Sports Bra goes the distance. It’s a mid-impact bra made from our MOSOtech heavy weight fabric, which means you get natural moisture-wicking with anti-odor that lasts as long as you do. Good support, with reinforced, chafe-free straps help minimize bounce. This bra is fully reversible which I love. The TASC Endurance Sports bra is super soft. The bamboo and organic cotton make it just perfect that way.

MOSOtech: 51% organic cotton/41% viscose from bamboo/8% lycra spandex


TASC Performance gets good marks from me. TASC makes great looking workout clothes at a decent price and the materials used in the clothing works well for me. The softness of the organic cotton and bamboo is perfect. All of the clothing by TASC is natural and the feel of the fabric against skin is just nicer than a lot of clothing I have used in the gym.

Order either item directly from the site.

We received some clothing from TASC to use here. My opinion is all my own and it is truthful. 

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