What’s On Your List – Summer Bucket List Printable

Summer is one of my favourite seasons. I love winter because of ski season and outdoor sports. Ski season is everything in the winter months here. But the warmer months, when my pool is open and the beach is just a drive away…well that’s also all that and a bag of chips. To me spring and fall are just shoulder season. Definitely not much for me there. But summer well that’s golden.

The problem with summer is it flies by so fast you can hardly get a grip on it. It is gone in a blink. So how do you wrestle it into submission? Or ride all the days until the last bit of summer fades out. Well, you might start with this cute little summer bucket list printable. Do this with your kids and find out exactly what they are looking forward to most. Then you can make it happen.

Here’s my Summer Bucket List:

  1. Go Glamping with my kids.
  2. Stay in a treehouse – not sure if this will happen but I am hopeful
  3. Drink Frozen Palm Bay coolers in the pool and by the pool.
  4. BEACH.
  5. Cottage – OH boy do I love visiting a cottage and chilling by the beach.
  6. MOVIES. NEED to see new Avengers movie – but that might be spring -ish.
  7. Be sure my one daughter gets a job.
  8. See my nieces and nephews who I adore because they are the best. Last year we stayed in an Otentik in the Kawarthas together with my brother and his family. And after that I stayed in a YURT with my girls and their cousin Alex. HE is the BEST.
  9. Conference trip? Maybe.
  10. SMORES.


What does your summer bucket list look like?

Start planning now with this cute Summer Bucket List printable.

HOW TO Print Your Summer Bucket List Printable

Summer Bucket List Sample 2

By now I hope you know the drill. Click on the image above and save. OR, click the clean PDF link and print it out.

Have an amazing summer!

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