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Mountain Getaways with Style and Glamping Hub

Mountain getaways are so romantic to me. There’s something about the idea of spending time away in a mountain retreat that I find so appealing. Wood walls. fireplaces, the wilderness surrounding the cabin – it’s so beautiful and heartwarming and peaceful. That being said, I want to enjoy those mountain getaways in style. I love cabins, but I’m not looking for something TOO rustic. Right now, with Valentine’s Day coming up fast I have been browsing all the great ideas for getaways on Glamping Hub. Glamping Hub offers mountain getaways that make excellent Valentine’s Day ideas. 


Mountain Getaways Don’t Have to Mean Roughing It

My idea of roughing it is woods around me while I relax in a cozy chalet with a hot cup of tea and a nice book. I don’t want to sleep in a sleeping bag or on a bed that’s 100 years old. I want climate control, heat mostly this time of year, comfortable rooms, and modern appliances. With Glamping Hub, that’s what you get. Just like their name says, Glamping Hub is all about the glamping. And that’s a pretty broad term.

Their website features incredibly beautiful cabins that combine the best of that old school cabin feel with modern sensibilities like top notch kitchens and posh living and sleeping rooms. From tree houses in Ontario, which I am filing away for the summer with kids, to chalets near amazing mountains in Vermont, Quebec or Upstate New York, and even domes in Finland, Glamping Hub offers a wide range of accommodations.

Think of it like an on line curated source of high quality accommodations where nature gets the starring role.


All of their homes and various properties are fully vetted to ensure that each and every one meets their exacting standards of quality, comfort, and beauty. When you visit Glamping Hub, you’ll be entering a world of the best of the best in cabins, nature, and pure escapism.

And that’s perfect for this time of year. After all, what says romance more than mountain getaways in the wilderness. You can look out your window and take in the beauty of the surrounding mountains and trees while you relax with your loved one in quiet surroundings this Valentines day. Skiing, hiking, exploring or just relaxing. There’s nothing better in my books.

When I travel I love to be close to nature and easily able to see either mountains or water. Skiing, hiking, or swimming, either way I am happy.

This ski season I have been hunting for accommodations near one of the ski hills we have not yet visited in Vermont. There are numerous options at different price points and sizes. I’ll be sure to let you know what I choose. Glamping Hub is easy to navigate and I am using the reviews portion to clarify and verify that the properties on my shortlist are exactly what I want.

Did you know Glamping Hub currently has 220,000 properties listed all over the world? And they are in 800 countries. Family vacations, camping with kids, or romantic getaways – you will be the hero when you book via their easy travel site.

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Mountain Getaways You’ll Love with Glamping Hub

Glamping Hub makes mountain getaways easy, exciting and fun. There are so many amazing properties listed here. The tree houses are on my list for summer. Last year we stayed in a yurt for the first time ever and loved it so I am interested in doing that again using this resource. But first mountain getaways.

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This post was sponsored by Glamping Hub and as such I received compensation. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 

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  • Aeryn Lynne

    Oooh, NICE. Glamping Hub sounds *amazing*. I love to camp, Jay… not so much, lol. Glamping would totally be win-win for the both of us. Especially if you’re looking for that scenic winter mountain scene. LOVE.

    And TREE HOUSES. Where do I sign up?? Oh, right… 😉 That is now on my list of must-dos for the summer. #lifegoals

    Thanks so much for the heads up! I can wait to share this with Jay tonight! 🙂

  • Monica

    Love the idea of a romantic getaway for a weekend and Glamping Hub sounds like the best way to find the perfect retreat. We used to enjoy old fashioned camping, but the older we get, the more “glamping” options we look for. With 220,000 properties available, there would certainly be great options for every family or couple.