Yurt Life at Wasaga Pines – Comfortable Camping

Yurt life is a hit! Let me explain. To start you should know that I have always said I would never camp. Not a camper, I told my girls. We travel, cruise, stay in cottages, and love that life. But sleeping on the ground in a tent is not for me. But, that said, there are so many different ways to access camping or glamping now that you really need never sleep on the ground in a tent to get all the benefits of camping.


This past week we had the chance to go stay in a yurt for several days at Wasaga Pines. Wasaga Beach is one of my family favourites in Ontario and Wasaga Pines, just outside the beach area, is owned by Parkbridge Resorts. So, I figured it had to be trustworthy and fun. After all we love Parkbridge Resorts.

Wasaga Pines has three yurts like this one. They are well equipped and mostly warm and there is electricity too. We had only one very cold night at end of August when temperatures dipped outside to 4 Celsius.

So, when I learned that Wasaga Pines had yurts available for family stays this year, I worked hard at finding a date to go visit. The last week of August, right after my younger daughter returned from two weeks of camp, we drove to Wasaga Beach. On the way there, we picked up my nephew Alex, who is the same age as Ainsley and was equally excited to try yurt life.

Photo courtesy of Ainsley Schuck

Camping is an affordable easy summer family travel style that works for many. We love travel and we enjoy being outdoors. Here in Canada, nature’s beauty is on full display in summer and Fall too, and it’s so much fun to get out there and enjoy it. What isn’t fun for me is setting up a tent, and sleeping on the ground. Even sleeping inside a tent with a sleeping bag, you can still feel the rocks or the dampness of the ground. Yurt life is my ideal way to experience camping. We really loved our four nights in a yurt at Wasaga Pines Cottage & RV Resort.

The giant inflatable pillow is so much fun! Opened around 11 every morning and closed around 7 p.m. My nephew Alex in the air and Ainsley getting ready to jump.

Yurt Life – The Perfect Camping Compromise

Some hard core campers are all about sleeping in a tent on the ground. Others view camping as staying anywhere that’s outdoors like an RV or a cabin. These two camps have very different ideas about the outdoor experience. What we all loved about our Yurt at Wasage Pines Cottage & RV Resort is that it was the perfect compromise. Their yurts offer a rustic feel with the comforts that so many of us don’t want to give up – like beds and electricity!


Their yurts are set up on platforms nestled in the woods, so you’re in the heart of nature while you stay a bit comfortable too. You still get to cook outdoors and gaze at the stars, but you can also enjoy sleeping on a bed and bring your laptop if you’re like me and work never stops. The bar fridge was useful for us too. Stocked it with fish and cooked it on the stove my sister-in-law lent us. Barbecues are available too for yurts.

Inside there are bunk beds, lovely floors, a dresser, a futon that collapses into a bed and a dining area as well as a bar fridge and a light. Outlets too of course! Sweet!!



Yurt Life at Wasaga Pines Cottage & RV Resort Gives You:

  • Bunk Beds
  • Futon Couch or Trundle Bed
  • Dining Table and Chairs
  • Electricity
  • Picnic Table
  • Fresh Water Available Nearby
  • Comfort Station with Bathrooms, Hot Showers, and Heated Floors Nearby (honestly it was less than a five minute walk which mattered at 3 a.m.)
So much to do!! Nearby is Elmvale Zoo and also Go Karts and Mini Golf and batting cages too at Wasaga 500.

Wasaga Pines is halfway between Wasaga Beach and Elmvale. It feels country like and yet you can drive anywhere you need to within ten minutes. We hit the beach twice while there. But you could also stay entirely on site and still have plenty to do.

I started writing this post and my daughter Ainsley asked to add a few things. Ainsley: “My time at Wasaga Pines was awesome. There were so many activities and great things to do. We made so many great memories. I loved it and would definitely do this again!”

Before we left all three kids asked if we could return again next year. So I would definitely say that our first ever stay in a yurt was a great one thanks to Wasaga Pines and Parkbridge Resorts.

There are many traditional camp sites at the RV resort and campground. And they have seasonal members too. Many of their kids were typically out and about and very friendly. The trio of teens I was traveling with easily made friends with several kids of various ages.

Yurt Life is the Camping Life for Us!

If you want to camp but still stay comfortable, yurt life is for you! The ability to get back to nature without all the discomfort is so great! If you’ve ever been camping in the classic way, you’ll really appreciate things like beds, electricity, and TOILET PAPER! We had a great time without feeling like we were cheating. The Yurt was comfortable and cozy too. I highly recommend giving the  yurt life at Wasaga Pines Cottage & RV Resort a try.

We were guests of Parkbridge and Wasaga Pines which means we stayed there and received accommodations in exchange for this honest post about the experience. My opinion is all my own and it is always truthful.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.