Oliver’s Labels Room-eez Review

This is the finished result with Oliver’s Labels Roomeez Personalized Wall decals
My child is a funny one. When she was tiny I had an elaborate beautiful hand-painted mural that I had painstakingly drawn all over her walls. There was Arthur and the ABCs and multiple Disney characters and Blue’s Clues ( remember them) and Toy Story Buzz Lightyear and so on. It was Fa-a-a-ncy. But then we realized our daughter had special needs and was having a lot of trouble with sleep. In fact there was a really long time where she never slept day or night (a side effect of sensory processing disorder and the other diagnoses she has.) So I read a lot and then ended up realizing her room was way too busy and we painted a calm tone of green on her walls and removed a bunch of toys and so forth. It was sad but necessary. Sleep eventually came back with some help of melatonin and a strict regimen we maintain to this day.
Her walls have been very bare for a long time now. 
But, she is older and she is sleeping okay and the Oliver’s Labels people offered up a review product of their Room-eez wall decals and I was curious. So we visited their site and browsed the options. I like that these decals are sort of like transfers and can be removed any time and reapplied or saved for some place else. The web site for the cute personalized children’s room decorations  is simple to navigate and it’s easy to choose your design, colors and personal elements. Then the design you choose pops up in a window and gives you a little preview. (See below) They are guaranteed to match your room because you can make them whatever color you choose. The basic Name Room-eez is $22.99 and if you add a graphic then it is $29.99.
I like that I can personalize because my kids have names that are a wee bit unique – Ainsley and Payton – and their frequent complaints are like this: They don’t have pencils with Payton on them only Pamela. How come there are no dishes/T-shirts/toys/placemats/ with Ainsley on them? 
So how great for us – being able to personalize the name part of the decal and then being able to choose the colors and even whether or not you want an animated character or artistic creation with the decoration. I found the ninjas and took approximately half a second to choose those. My girls both do martial arts training and are little ninjas. Ainsley is grading for her junior black belt this December. So exciting! So, I knew this one would make her day. I visited the site and kept this review a secret until the day they arrived from Oliver’s Labels.
Oliver’s Labels Room-eez decals are made of a special material that means they stick but will never damage the materials underneath if you need to remove. The material is not vinyl so it doesn’t shrink or curl. They are simple to apply. See how here:
We prepared a vlog to show you how great and cute and easy these are to use.
(See if you can tell if my daughter is excited or not.!?!)

Disclosure: We received this product for free to facilitate the review here. My opinion is all my own. This one gets $$$$ 1/2 dollar signs out of $$$$$. Easy to make and speedy too. Plus simpler than painting a while huge mural yourself. My daughter loved these so much so stated Mom you should have kept this for Christmas it would have been an excellent present.

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