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When Back to School Means Skin Breakouts: Two Chances to Win #Giveaway


Nothing screams back to school like a skin breakout. It happens every time your child, or even you, have a special event scheduled and the anticipation plus the erratic eating leading up to the event paints your skin an angry mess of acne, blackheads, pimples and stress. So what to do? From the time I was a teenager, Oxy and Phisoderm, were routine fixtures in our bathroom. Phisoderm was a great tool for daily face washing and skin maintenance as soon as I hit the teen years. Back then the packaging looked a lot different than it does now, but some things remain the same. The quality of the product Phisoderm is still reliable. Also it still works. Which is kind of funny some 20 years later. Phisoderm is a product I still use to balance out my skin as needed.

So what’s new here then? Well, now there’s also Oxy Emergency Acne Vanishing Treatment Wipes. The wipes come in a 30 pack and are an easy tool to travel with due to the minimal packaging. They hit shelves this September. Also no liquids means no hassle over plane travel with these. But are they effective? Well, this last couple weeks of summer often plays havoc with my skin. Why? The dry summer and extra sun, plus busy erratic running around getting ready for back to school next week, means eating suffers. And when eating suffers my skin tends to do one of two things: break out; or get hideously oily with those painful sore pimples that are hard to banish. The Oxy emergency wipes do the trick fast. They are clinically proven to remove the bacteria that causes an acne breakout. I use them at night if I need them on a particular week and they cleanse without damaging my skin. They leave it looking clean, and the medicated part of the wipe targets the skin inflammation fast. Pimples are wiped out quickly. My girls are too young to have many breakouts yet, but their skin is starting to change, and recently when my nieces and nephews came to visit I passed some of these on to their family because the extra year the kids have on my girls means they are already fully ensconced in skin care drama. That is not much fun.

Today you have two chances to win with Oxy Canada and Enter here on my blog and win a prize pack worth $50. Open to Canada and the US. Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter form below. Or you can win a sample pack of the Oxy Emergency Acne Vanishing Wipes by entering the sweepstakes on Facebook.

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