5 Home Safety Tips for When You Travel

Home safety is a big deal when you’re travelling. Your home can be targeted even during the daylight, so take a few precautions to prevent thieves from breaking and entering this time of year.

By and large home safety during the holidays is all about prevention. Deter thieves from ransacking your house with a few simple safety tips. These 5 home safety tips will help you keep your home and your property safe while you’re away.

A young businesswoman protects a house from the elements - rain or storm and sun. Blackboard drawing top view.
A young businesswoman protects a house from the elements – rain or storm and sun. Blackboard drawing top view.

Home Safety Tips to Protect Your Home

When you’re away, home safety is all about making your home the absolute least desirable place to break into. When burglars see your home, you want them to think, “Nope. That’s not a great place to hit.”

Motion Detecting Flood Lights

Light is a burglar’s worst enemy, so outfit your home with motion activated flood lights at all four corners of your home, as well as motion activated lights at the doors. This will ensure that anyone trying to get into your home will be bathed in bright light. This is often times enough to send a prowler on his way.

Scheduled Interior Lighting

In addition to motion activated flood lights around your home’s exterior, you can install timers that will have your lights come on at certain times. Set your timer so that the lights in your home come on just before dusk. This will guarantee a fully illuminated interior at all hours of the night, making your home much less attractive to burglars.

Hold Your Mail

This is a big one in home safety while you’re away. Nothing says, “Nobody’s home” like an overflowing mailbox. It’s a clear signal to thieves that if they can get past your floods and if they can move fast enough in a fully lit home, they’ve got easy pickings. Your best bet while you’re away is to either have your neighbor grab your mail or have the post office hold it until your return.

Don’t Broadcast Your Trip

In these days of social media, we often broadcast our entire lives for all to see across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Nothing will undermine your home safety efforts like plastering your upcoming trip across the internet. It’s a burglar’s dream, especially if you don’t have your privacy settings correct. It’s a good possibility that ANYONE can know that you’re going to be gone from X date until Y date.

Keep an Eye on Things

These days, you can get good home video monitoring systems at very affordable prices. A good system will have an app associate with it allowing you to check in on your home whenever you want right from your smart phone or tablet. If you travel often, it would be wise to invest in one of these camera systems to add another layer of home safety while you’re away. Then you can check in on your abode periodically throughout the day.

And tell your neighbours you are going away. Even just one neighbour can help keep an eye out for your property and house when you travel.


Home Safety – Deterrence is Key

As you can see, the main theme of home security while you’re away is deterrence. You want your home to be a thieve’s worst nightmare. Adequate lighting, coupled with a good camera setup and refraining from plastering your trip across social media can ensure that your home is as snug as a bug in a rug.

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