Adorable Burrito Surprise Toys for Children

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Have you heard of CuteTitos? Or Babitos yet? You will.

These CuteTitos and Babitos are currently wrapped and under my tree for my niece. She’s too little to read this content, so there’s no chance that she will find out. Anyways, CuteTitos are sweet little stuffed animals and unique creatures that come with their own small blanket burrito.

Unroll Something Special

So adorable! These are surprise toys because you don’t know what you get until you unroll the burrito pet inside.

Unroll to reveal a new soft pet with its own burrito. Each pet has its own personality and level of spiciness. Their personality marking is right on their hip. Each mystery animal is mild, medium, hot or a super spicy chili pepper. They each come with a little blurb about their personality and which one they are in the series of pets. It also tells you their birthday and gender.

We received a tiny Babitos giraffe named Giraffito and also Hefftito, the elephant. So cute! Love the baby giraffe. The elephant is just a really sweet gift for any child who loves creative play and collecting toys.

cutetitos gift under Christmas tree with baby giraffe and elephant

Collect Them All

There are 12 possible collectible styles. Animals range from moneys, to narwhals and elephants. The surprise is inside the burrito. Babitos are similar versions of the CuteTitos but smaller and their burrito blanket is less soft than CuteTitos. If your kiddo loves mystery stuffed animals and surprise reveals then these surprise toys are going to be a huge hit.

Collect each one of the mystery stuffed animals from the three current series. Then don’t forget to start collecting the Babitos as well. Babitos are colourful stuffed animals wrapped in a burrito blanket and stuffed inside a taco shell.

Soft Sweet Surprise Toys

I spied these at a toy show early this season and fell for them. They have all the elements for a great gift for a child who loves stuffed animals. Soft and sweet and really cute toys that any child would love to collect. Kids who enjoy creative play will also love these for the holidays or for birthdays.

Who is This Gift for?

These CuteTitos and Babitos are meant for ages 4-5 and up to 12. If your son or daughter enjoys collecting series of toys then these are perfect. If they adore cute cuddly things they will love these CuteTitos surprise toys.

I am giving several of these to my niece who is seven. She is away this week but when she returns I will have armloads of Christmas presents for her to unwrap. Fully anticipating that she will adore these!

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  • Lynda Cook

    These are so cute, what will they think of next! I love their eyes so sad looking, my grandchildren would have fun wrapping them back up into their burrito shape