Best Tech Gifts She Will Love This Season

This season, I am stoked about several tech gifts for women. My favourite gifts are often books and tech gifts, because I am a gadget girl at heart. So, when these great gifts arrived here for testing and consideration I was thrilled to be able to use them and have some fun. I feel like these picks are definitely tech gifts she will love!

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Here are Three of my Favourite Tech Gifts for Her this Season.

Listen, fun and useful tech gifts are always a great choice in my opinion. They are useful in the same way that many others gifts are useful, but they also have that wow factor that things like small appliances might not. So, regardless of her age or stage, these will be a hit under the Christmas tree.

Fujifilm Instax Mini

My oldest daughter has had a Fujifilm Instax Mini for seven years or more. She loves it and has taken it on every trip and cruise we have been on, used it at every single birthday party or pool party. She also packed it and took it to camp with her several years ago. Those cute camp photos hang on a board in her room as a memory of her two weeks trekking through northern Ontario, kayaking and living outside, sleeping under the clouds.

So, I figured it was time to check out the Instax Mini myself this winter. I packed it and hauled it with me on my 12-day trip through the southern USA. This is the perfect gift for a teenager or a tween. It’s fun and this version of the Instax Mini has a little selfie lens clip on attachment that adds to the fun and novelty of the gift.

Listen, these are not high res photos, but they are fun and fast and it can be amusing to watch them develop in front of your eyes. I suspect we will all use this one. The Instax Mini 9 itself is quite affordable and this is the kind of gift I would have been all over as a kid. If you are looking to level that gift up just a bit get her an Instax Mini package deal with the filters and fun films.

Happy Plugs Air1 in-ear truly wireless headphones in pink gold!!

SQUEE! These pair easily with a reliable Bluetooth 5.0 connection and any smartphone or device. The sound quality is exceptional and they make the best gift for someone who is always on the go. Mine stay in my purse, so that I can use them whenever I travel and wherever I go. These make my best tech gifts list because they are fashionable and they work extremely well.

Happy Plugs Air1 in-ear truly wireless headphones provide up to 14 hours of playtime in Happy Plugs’ signature contemporary design. These airbuds have 14 different touch commands. The perfect gift in my opinion.

Pictionary Air

You know and love Pictionary the traditional family game, right? So, now there’s a tech take on the old favourite. Download the app and draw your scenes in the air and then take your best guesses with Pictionary Air.

Again, Pictionary Air is quite affordable as are all of these gifts this season. This is perfect for Mom or Dad actually. It’s also a great gift for a young teen, you know the ones who are at an age where they don’t yet detest hanging out with Mom or Dad.

Download the Pictionary Air app and get the pen, then draw your picture in the air and see it on the device and mirror to your TV. Interact with the sketch like charades while your team tries to guess as many clues as they can before time is up. I actually think this is the perfect Christmas game because everyone can get in on it after the turkey dinner, or even before as you wait for the turkey and all the fixings to be done.

The Best Tech Gifts for Her This Season

You can’t go wrong with any of these tech gifts. They are all affordable and entertaining. These are some of my picks for the best tech gifts for her at Christmas 2019.

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  • Lynda Cook

    That Pictionary Air looks absolutely fun, we have a great time playing the regular Pictionary so this one would be a blast to play!