Adorable Happy Halloween Colouring Page

An adorable Halloween colouring page is a fun little gift from me to you because I know the kids are going to be completely jacked up on candy tonight and you may need something to calm them down. Oh I enjoy candy as much as the next person. But not when my kids are sugar spun little nutters unable to calm down in order to get to sleep.

So here’s my theory. After letting them sort safely through their candy and trade a few pieces and pay the toll i.e.. share some goodies with Mom or Dad, then it’s time to put that haul away. Bring out the Halloween colouring page or word scramble. Then have them sit down and focus quietly at the dinner room table. Maybe bring out a warm glass of milk or something of that nature that is soothing and has no processed sugar in it. Then get ready for bed.


This Halloween gig is exhausting but it’s also pretty fun and frankly it goes by pretty fast. Just like most other childhood stages and events, Halloween is a short term celebration that runs out when the kids hit their teenage years. This year one of mine is working on Halloween night and that is a first. She’s a bit miffed because she LOVES to hand out candy now and see all the adorable little people in their costumes.

Have you seen my Candy Corn Pumpkin Fudge yet? Take a peek at this and then maybe make it later if you have any leftover candy corn this week.


What’s your routine for Halloween?

Do you have a routine or a system for Halloween? Or do you wing it? Are you a parent who rations the treats out over a period of months or do you prefer to let them eat it fairly fast over a couple of weeks? For years when the kids were small we successfully hid the candy stash and parcelled out a piece or two at a time. That worked beautifully until they figured out where we hid it. At that point they started climbing to sneak a big batch of candy before dinner or after school.

Not at all cool. Kids have no chill when it comes to candy.


So, here’s to you handing out something simply to get them back down to earth after all the chaos and joy or running door to door with them in the rain. Yes that’s right today here it is pouring rain. Not my favourite. Rain serves little purpose in my life. Bring on the snow so I can go skiing.

In fact, Halloween is not just for kids. On my street typically many homes go all out with Halloween decorating and setting up haunted houses too. I love that. I mean it brings out the kid n all of us.

This year I have so many Halloween word games and printables and Halloween colouring pages to share too. So, here’s what you do. Print out one of these or two of these are have them ready for tonight. Use either before they head out trick or treating or after they return and are almost ready for bed. There will be many little ninjas and goblins who will have NO DESIRE at all to come down to earth after eating too many Kit Kats. So hand them this Halloween colouring page and some crayons to stay mindful of the spirit of Halloween but also to get them focused back in on something.

Let’s face it this is even good for adults as we know. Many adults love to colour as part of their wellness and mindfulness routine.


You could also print out this Halloween word scramble is for you to share with your kids as needed.

Here are the instructions in case you forget.

Right click on the image above and print it out or simply click on the url below and print it out.


Happy Halloween to all of you! Now on we go to the holiday season!

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