Eight Crafty Valentine’s Day Card Boxes

Are your kids crafty? Do they also love Valentine’s Day? Then this cute collection of easy to make and fun Valentine’s Day card boxes is a must save for later. Remember when you were a child and Valentine’s Day was such a fun event? I sure do. These craft Valentine’s Day card boxes might require a bit of help from Mom or Dad. The good part about that is you will have some fun reliving your youth if you need to help a bit.

The thing I remember most from Valentine’s Day as a kid was the fun involved every year in making Valentine’s Day card boxes. The crafter in me loved making the cutest red or pink sparkly containers every year for all the adorable cards. Back in my day we used a Kleenex box pretty much every year in elementary school. Almost everyone spent a whole art period making one of these fetching Valentine’s Day card boxes that was sort of like a little mailbox for all your special messages.

Do you have special memories of Valentine’s Day as a child? Do you remember making these boxes at all?

8 Kids Valentine’s Day Card Boxes Craft Ideas!

1. Valentine’s Boxes

2. Football Field Classroom Valentine Box for Boys

3. Be Valentine’s Mailbox


4. Happy Camper Valentine Card Box



5. American Girl Craft Valentine Mailboxes


6. Disney’s Frozen Olaf Valentines Mailbox

7. How to Make a Valentine Box Robot

8. Crocodile Valentine Box

Crocodile Valentine Box

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! Here’s hoping your sweet kiddos don’t overdo it on chocolate and that they enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as I used to when I was small.

I have some cute Valentine’s Day crafts they can make easily without much supervision here too.

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Valentine’s Day Card Boxes

These Valentine’s Day card boxes will help your little people reflect on their friendships and keep their memories safe. Plus they are a whole lot of fun to make. That can’t be beat. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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