The Best STEM Toys for the Holiday Season

STEM toys are some of my favorite gifts to give children. If you’ve read my blog, you know I love giving STEM gifts as a way to make learning fun. I’ve found great Stem books in the past that got my kids excited about learning and over the years I’ve found all sorts of toys to keep their minds sharp.

Right now it’s prime time to get shopping for STEM gifts for the holiday season. Around here it’s never too early. I plan my shopping out all year round actually so that I get the best deals, and on line shopping helps.

This year, I am hunting for STEM toys to round out my list of gifts to give to my nieces and nephews because Stem toys generate curiosity and help give children skills for life. When gifts can do all of that then they are golden in my books.



Why STEM Toys are So Important

Children learn through play. Children’s brains are constantly evolving, growing, and learning. If they have access to toys that stimulate their minds and teach them important concepts, that’s a huge plus. STEM toys work by stimulating different parts of the brain, challenging kids and fostering creativity.

There are three categories of these STEM toys.


Academic STEM Toys

Academic Stem toys can be awesome gifts to give older kids over the age of seven or eight. These toys involve things like math and science kits or language learning tools. Their active, hands-on learning keeps kids excited about these crucial subjects. Think about science projects at school, or even chemistry kits. Some academic STEM toys spark a love for a particular subject that lasts a lifetime and prompts further exploration, both inside a classroom and outside of it too.

When my kids were in elementary school one of my girls received a Snap Circuits present for a birthday gift. I can’t even tell you how many hours on end that we played with this kit and then she also took it into school to show for Show and Tell. Toys like that earn a place on my favourites list for life. In fact I gave this as a birthday present to several of her friends over the years.


Cognitive Thinking STEM Toys

Toddlers and young children use these toys to practice creative thinking and older kids are introduced to engineering and experimental concepts. These types of toys include puzzles and activity and construction sets.

Motor Skills STEM Toys

Simple toys like blocks and play work benches help foster a creative mind in kids and increase their fine motor skills. When my kids were small they loved these kinds of creative play experiences. Just thinking about them makes me nostalgic for those days. There’s a gorgeous Melissa and Doug Fresh Mart Grocery Store Playset toy that’s so sweet (shown above). Most parents know this brand and it is reliable for many reasons.


STEM Toys with JR Toy Canada

The best place right now to find fun STEM toys is Jr Toy Canada. They have a huge selection of STEM-related toys that are sure to satisfy every child in your life. Their toys include science books, telescopes and coding toys to puzzles, games, blocks, and so much more, and they all make learning fun. This on line store makes me feel like a child again. I am excited to buy gifts this year because I’ve found a place where I can knock out all of my shopping and do it with great gifts that build intelligence. At the same time these are also toys that will be met with squeals of delight when your kids, nieces or nephews open them!

In addition to all of those pluses, JR Toy Canada is, as the name indicates, a Canadian store, which means I don’t get hit by the exchange rate, tariffs, or huge fees for shipping and handling. Everyone wins! Head over to JR Toy Canada and check out all their great toys right now.


A Couple of Ideas

This year I have my eye on the Harry Potter wands even for my teenager because we are all Potterheads here. We have always loved the Ravensburger brand because their puzzles are detailed and challenging. We have a games closet full of several of them here. But the newest thing from Ravensburger  – the Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Kit makes me wish I was a kid again. I will buy one of these for someone on my list so that I can actually play it with them.

Final Notes

Remember when choosing toys to check the age and stage the child is at. A good toy shouldn’t frustrate a child because it is meant for someone much older than they are. Great toys endure, challenge in just the right measure and build confidence while sparking love of learning.

This post has been sponsored which means I received compensation or product. My opinion is all my own. 

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  • Florence Cochrane

    The Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Kit does look very interesting. I think my grandson would love this.

  • Heidi c.

    I have been trying to steer my gift-giving towards STEM toys for the past few years. They are much more likely to hold my kids’ interest for longer than 15 minutes!