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5 Top Haunted Houses in the US

Halloween in the United States is the season for all things scary – particularly haunted houses. Most areas have a local haunted house, but for those looking for an extra terrifying thrill, there are many elaborate haunted houses throughout the country. Here are 5 of the best haunted houses in the United States.


Terror Behind the Walls. Terror Behind the Walls is an annual haunted house that takes place at the Eastern State Penitentiary located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Can you picture that? The setting itself is enough to terrify me. The Eastern State Penitentiary is one of the most infamous prisons in the US, due to its size.

Terror Behind the Walls features 6 different attractions throughout the prison, including The Infirmary, Quarantine, and the Machine Shop. It’s been called “one of the best haunted house attractions” by the Ghost Hunters‘ Adam Berry. Terror is also “one of the top 3 must see haunts in America” according to Haunted Attraction Magazine.

If you’re prepared to be terrified, Terror Behind the Walls is the best place to start.

7 Floors of Hell. 7 Floors of Hell, located in Cleveland, Ohio is not a single house, but rather seven individual houses. Together all seven houses create a theme park of terror. Each of the individual houses has a unique theme, ranging from the Mental Ward full of the mentally insane to Slaughter House. Each year, at least 50% of the attractions change to make sure that those returning year after year get a new experience each time they visit. With a midway full of food and games and seven individual houses, you can expect to spend a few hours here.

House of Torment. The ultimate haunted house of the South, House of Torment is located in Austin, Texas and consists of 3 individual houses, each with a separate theme and story. Dawn of Devil is based around a post-apocalyptic world after a virus leaves Texas full of zombies. The Frenzy feeds off the fears of humans and Graveside Manor builds the tale of the house.

The ScareHouse. The Scarehouse is located just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the town of Etna. In fact, The ScareHouse has been named one of the top haunted houses in the country by the Travel Channel.  It was also dubbed “the scariest haunted house in America” by ABC News. There are 3 new attractions for the 2016 season – The Summoning, Infernal, and Nocturnia. The ScareHouse incorporates the history of the building, which was originally used as the First National Bank of Etna in 1915. It ended its run as an Elk Lodge. Locals claim that the house itself is still haunted by former residents.

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Haunted Houses

There are some amazing Haunted Houses in the US for thrill-seekers this Halloween. Looking for a HUGE scare this fall? Each of these haunted houses will provide a uniquely terrifying experience!

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