Advanced Skincare with Good Silicon+

Let’s be real – Advanced skincare is a term we hear all the time. Every beauty company on the planet seems to use that term, touting the latest and greatest inventions in beauty care. At my age and stage I often roll my eyes at commercials promising dramatic changes to skin.

However, when Good Science Beauty approached me and asked me to try their gender-neutral Good Silicon+ line, I was curious to see it because of the gender-neutral angle. Their new line of products, driven by science and packaged cleverly, with sustainability in mind as well, is one that’s refreshing and unlike anything I have seen yet.


I have been using Good Science Beauty products for a few weeks. My teenage daughters have tried the products as well. My kids were immediately taken by the social awareness factors at play. One was happy to read about the sustainability focus and the other was genuinely interested in how gender neutral actually played out. Curious about all of these things I tucked into a new beauty regimen, excited to see if Good Science Beauty lived up to its advanced skincare claims.


What Makes Good Silicon+ Advanced Skincare

So why is Good Silicon+ worthy of this term that often under delivers? The answer to that is simple: science. With some skincare formulas, you get a cream or serum that has a little bit more of this or that in it. This extra little bit of X or Y supposedly takes their product to the next level. Well, I’ve tried many “breakthrough” products, and the only thing they typically break through is my wallet.

Good Silicon+ from Good Science Beauty is different. They don’t just add in extra ingredients to make their formula “more powerful”. Rather, they have a line that offers ingredients proven to work and a delivery system scientifically proven to be more effective.

You see, that’s the key. You can have the best ingredients in the world, but if they don’t get to where they need to be, they’re useless. Good Silicon+ ensures that the ingredients in the bottle get to the parts of the skin that actually need it when they need it.

The Power of Good Silicon+

Good Silicon+ uses a patented technology called Prosilic developed by the Founder and CEO of the company, Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert. (Read to the bottom of this post for an interview with her). This technology is used in both the Silicon+ skincare line and in life-saving medication applications, as well.

Prosilic is a bio-carrier delivery system which uses silicon to help transport the ingredients found in the Silicon+ skincare line from the bottle to the parts of the skin that need it. Silicon is a naturally occurring substance in both our bodies and in the planet and shouldn’t be confused with silicone, the man-made substance used in products like surgical gloves.

This silicon delivery system is honeycomb-like in structure and uses tiny pores to carry, protect, and stabilize ingredients in Good Silicon+ products, releasing them over time directly to where they’re needed. This occurs as the honeycomb structure slowly breaks down into a specific type of silicon that is readily absorbed by the body.


Advanced Skincare that Really Works

I’ve been using Good Silicon+ from Good Science Beauty, and I have noticed a difference. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first began using it, but I like the product and their social message as well. Both of the products I have are extremely light and they moisturize well.

The all-natural ingredients found in this product (willow bark, turmeric, and amino acids, just to name a few) get to where I need them to be. I know it’s working because I can see it.

Good Science Beauty has changed the game with their Good Silicon+ line. If you’re looking for a skincare line that innovates and delivers, I highly encourage you to give Good Silicon+ and Good Science Beauty a try.

brown bottles of Good Science Face Cream

But Don’t Simply Take My Word….

I asked Dr. Suzanne Saffie-Siebert, the founder of Good Science Beauty, a few questions about her new line.

1. Why gender neutral packaging and what is behind that?

Skincare, and more importantly healthy skin, is for everyone, regardless of what gender you are. The focus of our product line is the application science and technology rather than fashion and lifestyle. We wanted our packaging to reflect this being design led, unisex, simple and energized.

2. Tell me more about good silicon…what is this and how does it work?

To be effective, proven ingredients must not only be absorbed into the skin, but must also be present in the skin in their active form, at a therapeutic concentration. They need to also be available for a sufficient time to perform their intended function.

Skincare presents a unique range of challenges to achieving this. The skin is a natural biological barrier. To successfully deliver active skincare ingredients to the live cells in the viable epidermis, this barrier must be overcome.  Also many skincare ingredients are susceptible to degrade through contact with water or air, reducing their efficacy. Protecting them so they can be delivered in their active form is a challenge.

Good Silicon+TM is a unique hybrid of silicon, lipids and amino acids, specifically developed over 10 years for effective skin-care ingredient delivery. A ‘honeycomb’ network of pores is created in elemental silicon particles, which are then loaded with the desired ingredients and sealed with lipids and amino acids to protect them. ‘Personalizing’ the Good Silicon+ structure allows it to adhere and penetrate the skin, releasing ingredients in a controlled time-release manner as it naturally dissipates to  Orth-silicic acid, the absorbable silicon, an essential micro mineral for skin health.

Use of Good Silicon+ technology ultimately enhances the effectiveness of proven ingredients by delivering them where they are required, at therapeutic concentrations in a time-released manner.

3. What was behind the name of the line – Good Science Beauty?

Our approach is honest, demystifying and empowering. Ten years of research and development has resulted in really Good Science which ultimately delivers  healthy skin. Healthy skin is beautiful skin so it was simple — Good Science Beauty was born. It does what it says on the label. It’s gone further than a brand name.

We always ask ourselves, “how would a good scientist answer this?” — whatever the question or issue is.

4. Who is the ideal customer?

Good Science Beauty’s products are aimed at health-conscious consumers who are wary of unnecessary or damaging ingredients. They want technology to solve problems with no reliance on herbal formulas or regressive technologies. They believe healthy skin results in beautiful skin. As such, our consumer demands authenticity from the products they buy, seeking clear facts and evidence. Science is not fake hope. A sense of social and environmental responsibility is also evident in purchase behavior. Our target consumer is resistant to being defined by gender and age. They think beauty is about expressing individuality, not following trends.

5. Where is Good Science Beauty sold?

Visit the site to order now:

A Few More Things:

I received 003-HY and 001-PU and I like the lightweight products. No fragrance at all when applied.

003-HY Good Science Hydrating Cream

This one is pure gold. Good Silicon+ carries Hyaluronic Acid to increase deep hydration and locks it in with skin barrier protecting Marine Omega-3 rich in DHA and EPA, only released when in the skin so no fish smell.

  • locks in moisture to plump skin
  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • boosts lipid content to restore your natural skin barrier

001-PU Purifying Face Cream

This one is calm and soothing to skin. It combines Willow Bark with Amino Acids in Good Silicon+to purify and moisturize at the same time.

I received product for consideration here. My opinion is all my own.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Pam

    Sounds like a great skin line! I am always in the search for new products that can actually deliver good results. Thanks for sharing, I need to check them out!

  • Darlene Schuller

    I really like how this sounds, love that it’s gender neutral.. that’s a bathroom space saver in itself.