1. says

    Awesome Paula that you’ve found a BB cream that works for you! If women want to know more about BB creams, we have a very popular post on our website BB cream and the working mom. It’s a Q&A: questions by me (who’d never heard of BB creams) and answers from our beauty editor Julia Stone.

  2. Aeryn Lynne says

    Oooh, an Aveeno BB Cream??? That sounds and looks awesome! I love their moisturizers, so am sure their BB is just as great. Also, it being an SPF 30 makes it all the more awesome! Thanks for the heads up! 😀

  3. Margarita Ibbott says

    I have to tell you, I can hardly wait to crack my open. My daughter already tested it and LOVED IT. It great to see great companies like Aveeno working with bloggers. They sent me a sample last year and well… I have not looked back. 🙂

  4. Jackie Currie says

    Sold!! I am totally looking for this. I’ve been hearing the buzz about BB creams for a while now, but haven’t gotten around to trying any. Goodness knows this 40plus face could use all the help it can get. And good for you with the SPF.

  5. mamawee says

    I have seen so much about BB products recently – didn’t really know what they were. Thanks for the introduction and great review!