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Beauty Products for Women: Aveeno BB Cream Review

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Beauty products for women were represented well at #Blogher13 this year. Skin care products for women were a highlight of the brand expo hall for me, because at least 8 out of ten posts here at are health and wellness related. I left Chicago stoked about several new beauty products. And happily I have several items to try out and review over the coming months.
This Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream tops my list already. I have been a fan of Aveeno products for a few years now. Their Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizing Cream is a staple of my routine because it makes my skin glow. I sometimes stray during the day when I run out of daily moisturizer and I find that my skin never looks as youthful and glowing when I buy a less expensive skin cream for women. Both the Daily Moisturizing Cream and the BB Cream have broad spectrum SPF in the product itself. Not all creams do, and facial skin is much less tolerant of skin damage after 30. I refuse to buy facial cream without an SPF in the formulation. My regular Radiance cream has an SPF of 15 and the BB cream has 30, as you can see in the photo.
I haven’t had a chance to test drive any BB creams here yet, so getting my hands on this Aveeno BB Cream was a big deal. Simply stated a BB cream is a relatively new phenomenon, and depending on which company you ask, it can be a tinted moisturizer, or a beauty balm or a blemish balm. Tinted moisturizer isn’t something I have used in years, mostly because the tint doesn’t often match well enough for me and I am fussy about skin shades matching. I also usually like my makeup to look natural. I truly can’t stand when you see the line between skin and makeup making your face appear masked. Not my style. Also a huge beauty faux pas.
The finish on this was light, which is the texture I have come to expect from Aveeno products and it enhanced my daily skin regimen.  No fragrance that I can discern. It makes my skin look even smoother and it maintains the glow from Positively Radiant daily moisturizer. After 35 I found my skin changed and became a bit more prone to breakouts and dullness. Freckles and sun damage are a given here because I love travel and the beach. I try to stay safe in the sun, but I love outdoor activity. Aveeno works to modify and even correct any little crimes I have already perpetrated against my skin. It’s always a good price and Aveeno BB cream is as well. Aveeno BB cream is a great skin care product for women over 30 and it works wonders on aging skin.
Thriftymommastips rating is a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ – great product, great price.
Disclosure: I received this product free and chose to review it because I really love this brand. My opinion is 100 % my own.

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